Memorable Slumber Night. <3

The event has succeed F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! I almost give in when I faced difficulties in getting an appropriate date whereby most sister can make their presence. Fortunately, with the help of the others, we managed to get things done on 1&2 June at our darling EJ’s house. Yes!DSC00674Went to EJ’s place by taking KTM. Tried the ladies’ coach, which obviously, have to be improved on its effectiveness because there is ALWAYS guys in the ladies’ coach. These gentlemen (yeah right) are either blur, blind, or worse of all, STUBBORN. We’d witness a few guys continue to ignore the officers although they have been informed that they are in the wrong place. Ugh.

DSC00688Me, Peh Ge and Hui Yi reached Kepong station relatively early so we had to wait for the arrival of the others. Note that little head near Peh Ge’s neck: that’s Lana! Oh my, i didn’t realise that until Lana herself pointed that out. So ngam. =P

Due to the limited space in EJ’s car, me and Hui Yi continued to wait for Ying Sze while PehGe, Daphenie and Lana followed EJ first. And overall, me and Hui Yi had seen 3 trains of the same route passed by us. That’s…about 60 minutes in total. XD

After that, is the preparation time for dinner!

DSC00697 Lana cutting the brinjals into thin slices. The pro. :D


Introduce to you: Miss Liau Ee Jye’s Ah-Mah Bling-bling shoes. The pair of shoes that brought back KMK memories. Aww, i’ll miss the squeaky sound produced by this pair of Ah-Mah Bling-bling shoes. ;)


Our dinner: Tempayaki! We had brinjal, chicken, pork, tauge, sausage (that Hui Yi described as “one sausage = one cigarette. @.@), sotong, and lots more! Best thing of all was we enjoyed playing with the tempayaki set. I reckon everyone had their stomach expanded to the maximum size on that night, or even beyond that. To the extend that when Ying Sze glanced into the living room after the meal, almost everyone was rubbing their stomach. What a sight. lol.  Nevertheless, i miss the taste of the chicken! :D


  Chit-chat moments.


EJ’s youngest sister, our little chef which can handle the set better than us. Shame on us. Hahahahaha!


Left: The mini cupcakes made by Daphenie. Kawaii~
Right: The sotong. Looks appetizing? :D

After complaining that we are TOO full, we slowly digested the food with the companion of The Vampire’s Diary and Desperate Housewives. Gossiped and shared some little secrets here and there. The night was young so we had more activities!


Wei Ling, our drunk tipsy (she insisted so) grandmother playing guitar. She has the funniest behaviour among everyone during that night. She was high. Hahahahahah!


And of course, speaking of ALL GIRLS’ SLUMBER NIGHT, we have to do something GIRLy, that is: manicure! Free manicure by our Daphenie mommy. Mine are white. Ade’s fingernails were red and she kept on saying they looks scary. Haha!

I’m grateful enough that nobody in the neighbourhood lodge a police report regarding us on yesterday night for disturbing their beauty sleep. Phew! And EJ’s house is still there! It did not collapse! Another big PHEW! Well, what can you expect when you have 10 girls together in one living room?;)

We slept at 3a.m. and i managed to wake up by 7a.m. Hehee. Yet it was too cold in the room. Ying Sze who was sleeping on my left, appeared on my right instead on the following morning. She just jumped over me and squeeze into the space between me and Hui Yi cuz the temperature was unbearable at her initial position. Haha! I did not really wake people up with my human alarm clock, lorh. KK gang, you peeps are so lucky you know? You guys are the only one that enjoyed the maximum usage of Tee-Yi-Ting-Human-Alarm-Clock. So,appreciate and stop saying i was the nightmare during that night in Langkawi!

Back to EJ’s house. We prepared egg-mayo sandwiches and some hot dogs as our breakfast to be brought to our next destination: FRIM!


Egg-mayo sandwiches in making.


Hotdogs in cooking. Ying Sze the chef!

Later we headed to FRIM in EJ’s and Wei Ling’s car. Wei Ling couldn’t resist herself from scolding EJ jokingly when she was following her car from behind. Naughty EJ! Not long after we reached FRIM, everyone started to do the same action: hands going up and down on the legs, or even on the friends’ legs, to…………..apply mosquito repellent. ;P


Going up, up and up!

On the way up, the hot dogs are almost half finished, to lighten Ying Sze’s burden who was carrying the hot dogs (kononnya). We went 900m up with the intention to go for the Canopy Walk but unfortunately, the tickets were available only at the souvenir shop which was located down the hill. =.=!! So we just finished our breakfast at one pondok, took some silly photos (AS USUAL) and went 900m down again without Canopy Walk. So, that’s our picnic. Special eh? XD

And what’s the 10 siao-pohs’ next destination?DSC00787


So, instead of sitting down on the ground and looking at birds or humongous ants in FRIM, we ended up shaking our butts in The Curve’s Red Box. Again, what could you expect when you have 10 girls in a room? You would have one bunch of crazy women jumping ON the sofa (Yes, Yes), shrieking through the microphones as if they were our greatest enemy. And when the workers appeared, we intelligently slide our butts back to the place where they should belong, via the wall.

While i was proudly boasting in front of Sheen Yeen how we manage to act extremely normal when strangers come in (instead of being accused for destroying their furniture), she gave me a jaw-dropping response.

“All rooms in Red Box and Green Box has CCTV. "



Luckily there is a low probability of me cheong-k in Red Box The Curve in the future. Or else the receptionist might just ignore me. Why accept a customer that, umm, will make your sofa shrink at least 10cm in height? ;P

We are practically out of control. My larynx is so unfortunate to have a owner that abuse it. Sorry dear larynx. I was just.. high.

Biding farewell to our last destination, it was time to hug everyone goodbye. All the syiok sendiri moments lingering in my brain immediately vanished when i was giving hugs to my sisters. At the moment i tried to embrace Ying Sze in my arms, my tears were almost brimming in the tear glands. It got worse when EJ was in my arms. I tried to hold back my tears, though. Suddenly a series of images flashed through my brain, pulling me into reminiscence for a moment or two. Although we only know each other for a year, it was like i’ve known some of them for long. I’m so gonna miss the period of their presence in my life. =(

Wei Ling fetched me, Peh Ge and Lana back afterwards. Thanks Ah Mah. =)

Although it was just a short trip but i truly enjoyed every moment of it. Love you people. =)


Sad feeling aside, I’m anticipating for the arrival of this Saturday. Hope the plan works. I know the KK kaki-s are gonna rescue me from boredom when they are free. :D