Intersection point is awesome! :D

Quote Sheen Yeen: “When my graph intersect with your graph and everyone’s graph, it’s greeeeeaat!”
i.e. the intersection point of the graphs is awesome! cool! fantastic!

If you are scratching the back of your head, wondering what Maths question is this, it is just one of our theory. Phrasing it differently in human language (instead of maths language), it means it is fabulous when everyone’s holidays meet with everyone’s holidays (?!) and we are all having a common period of holidays.

It signifies an end of my lifeless existence during my holiday!

Half of my April could still be considered as holiday because i got the chance to breathe a sigh of relief after my menacing finals, successfully accomplished some major task like the decorations of my bedroom and study corner, met with Deff and other sisters at MV, etc.

When it comes to May, my holiday could hardly to be labelled as a fun one. Since practically i was leading a monotonous life with repeating schedule everyday, complaining how bored was i through my blog. Sorta annoyed by blog readers, huh?

And here comes June! Whereby Mandy has just finished her MUFY programme, and the Form 6 buddies are having their school holiday now. The Slumber Night at EJ’s place with college sis was a marvellous start. And i’m not going to stop the fun here!

I’m gonna have 2 sleepovers within a week, only with different bunch of girls. :D :D :D

Anyway, as a good start of the intersection point of KK kaki, we went to Kota Ria for the long-awaited event: Yam cha!!! In conjunction with Kai Jing’s birthday as well. Moreover, we have the opportunity to speak with our dearest high school teachers, Madam Ong and Madam (Jaclyn) Chan. :D


Kai Jing’s Chocolate Marshmallow Cheese Cake. Yummmmm~ Cheeeeeese~ Anyway i have no idea why it that particular candle poking out in that way. It just looks.. so.. wrong!

30807_403845033770_618118770_4121026_2528960_n Birthday boy and the cake!


Me and Sheen Yeen’s couple phone. She kept on saying hers is heavier when both phone are actually the same. Not forgetting to tease her regarding the centre button. Bwahahahaha! ;)


Naughty face. =P


My phone got raped and it’s shirt was being placed upside down. *sad face*


Funny faces of the girls. Shaunie seems like she was near to sneezing (Quote Sheen Yeen), Hui En’s image had just disappeared, and Mandy’s face reminded me of this:

men Rate the % of similarity! XD

Last but not least,


Group pic! Puan Chan arrived later so she was not in the photo. Tengok Mandy itu Robot yang Sesat. :P

Initially wanted to combine this with some other updates, but i think it is long enough to stand individually? :D

I’m excited. Wohoo!