I adore theeeeeese~!

scrapbook-mania-blogger-template5ed9e_spring-blogger-template   So cuteeeee~

I guess human can hardly be satisfied, no? Whenever i am bored, the thoughts of renovating my blog little by little would spring up in my head. And my ultimate target now is to make my blog into the style above!

Unfortunately, i’m too noob to do so. =(

Are the headers, background and footer together or separated? Hmm…


Anyway, had another yumcha session with KK gang again! This time round, dim sum as breakfast in Bukit Tinggi.


 Har gao. Siew Mai. OMG hw many har gou and siew mai we ordered? @.@ Although, obviously, those were not the only two things we ate. lol.


The girls. :D


Mandy’s worth-a-million-dollars-“only-once”-expression. Woot! Imej tak ada. Her best Facebook profile photo, EVER!

We SHOULD be going home after the dim sum session. Or at least that was what planned initially. Instead of going home after breakfast, we ALMOST returned at night. So what had we done?


We went to Milk Wheel in Bukit Tinggi Jusco to stuff the stomach with flavoured ice. Iceeeeeeeeeee! As a sick cat, they should be a big no-no for me, but i still had a few spoonful of them. :P Naughty, naughty. I finished up almost all the chocolate/strawberry rolls, stole one of them when Mandy was trying to make it as a subject for photography. XD36715_407562364405_579459405_4124719_6643416_n


Movie time afterwards!

toy-story-3-poster-2 Toy Story 3!

When most of the audience were parents with children who were still in the childhood phase, we were one of the rare going-to-be-20 gang of teens. Who cares, anyway. Is a great show, although i have no memory on Toy Story 1&2 (Watched some part of one of them before, but forgotten which one). Buzz in Spanish mode was truly hilarious. The scene where Barbie met Ken made me speechless (beh tahan!). Peas-in-the-pod were so cute~ Big baby was quite eerie to be viewed at (>.<). And, and, Rex the funniest dinosaur i ever see + Mr & Mrs Potato Head with their detachable organs. lol.

Went back to KK afterwards but it was not the end. Haha. Charlotte need to return her car so we were back here, ended up in the playground!

36715_407562679405_579459405_4124725_3329623_n36715_407562684405_579459405_4124726_538546_n 36715_407562709405_579459405_4124730_7028046_n36715_407562729405_579459405_4124733_7150399_n

We love swings~ That’s Charlotte’s puppy. :)


I was not emo. There was 20% smile on my face! Is something between smiling and not smiling. Like Mona Lisa, you know? HAAAAHAHA.

Next Activity Of the Day: Go Cart!

36715_407563204405_579459405_4124744_6635676_n36715_407563279405_579459405_4124757_3945021_n   36715_407563214405_579459405_4124746_3845364_n36715_407563244405_579459405_4124752_6859185_n

From top left clockwise: Mandy (got time to “peace” somemore), Keith, Jacky and Bobo. Credits to Sheen Yeen and Keith’s camera [in fact, all the photos are taken with Keith’s DSLR!]


Nah, initially don’t have the interest to ride but since Mandy offered me a free ride, we went dating in the double-seated go cart. Haha. And the reason behind the shape of our mouths in the photo above was, we were shouting “Turn ahhhh!” at every sharp turning. >D

The bunch of energetic teenager returned home afterwards.

Why do i mention previously that we ALMOST return at night? Well, we ALMOST continue the journey to i-city but since our growling stomach are complaining, coupled with the dropping energy level, we shall have some rest. :)

School holidays are ending soon! Form 6 buddies are back to school, signifying the end of perfect intersection point. Sigh. Shall we move on with our imperfect intersection point. Haha!

P/s: Laughter is the best medicine. So after laughing with this bunch of mad human, I’m a step ahead to recovery! Yay!