Hand-painted shoes…(!!)

Alright. I shouldn’t have go online shopping, afterall. Online window-shopping, to be exact. Because the more i look at beautiful clothes, the more i feel like owing them, the more things i add into my wishlish. Nyeh nyeh.

By the way, i always wanted a pair of hand-painted shoes long time ago, specifically a white one. As time passes this little dream of mine has been abandoned into hidden streets within my brain. And now it found its way out! And it is out! Making me have the though of purchasing one, again.

So bad. =S

I have the potential to become a shopaholic. Hoho.


I want something like this! I <3 doodling style. Is shooooooo kiiiiuuuuut~


This is nice too! ~.~


Sheen Yeen would love this. XD


These are creative but.. i certainly don’t want these. LOL. I don’t want to terrify small kids when i have a little stroll in shopping malls. ;)




eww. ><!!

I don’t want to fall with my legs dangling in the air thanks to this pair of shoes. Besides that particular chocolate chunk of things looks like the final product of digestion. :S


Hmm~ Suddenly the thought of going shopping for clothes struck me. There’s a saying that “女人的衣橱 永远少一件衣服”. So true. I’m just….typical. XD

Shopping at Times Square and Sungai Wang, anyone?? :D

Yumcha tonight! Teachers are coming too, so you guys better be punctual. :P

Hope the date of photoshoot can be settled A.S.A.P. Can’t wait!

And we need a venue for Slumber Night for the KK girls~!

So many thoughts churning in my brain~@.@