CHS Idol.

Went to Catolic High School to give support to our dearest Sheen Yeen and Hui En, who are participating in their CHS Idol. ;)

Lazy to type much. So stole some photo from Keith. Haha.

Mandy the make-up artist.
Them performing S.H.E's "ni tai cheng shi" (你太诚实)

From left: Shirley, Hui En, Sheen Yeen
Group pic!

Sorry for the lack of words, lah. Not in the mood to nag. Besides i'm blogging this from the website instead of Window Live Writter, which made me sien. Bohoo.

I'm lazy to change my "Pic of The Week" and have not change my fb status for more than a day. Which is quite abnormal for me since i'm not going anywhere! Weird eh?

Maybe my sickness turn me into like this. I'm too busy settling stuffs for Uni entrance (and looking for remedy of this god damn itchy throat. Ugggghhhh)

Sien leh. Might need to go to school AGAIN to certify things AGAIN! I dislike looking at those clerk. @.@