About the big-ribbon girl.


Not many people know the whole story behind this big-ribbon girl that you can found all over this page (From the header, the sidebar titles, the post header, the post footer, even the blog icon! @.@), so it is the story-telling time again!

The little one was born in 2005, created by Shen Loong, when few of us decided to start drawing comic based on the scene in our classroom. Woah, that was 5 years back! The little one is 5-years-old and I'm old, too. Ngeh. There’s no other meaning of using this cute little girl as my representative till now; i just find it…cute! It was short-haired initially, but i edited it not long after it was born: I added hair-extension to it. Haha! Besides, i think i achieved my longest length of hair in Form2/Form3. So that explains the long, straight, smooth and silky hair (Pantene advertisement? =X ) As for the ribbon thingy, i believed that was because i am always almost the youngest among my peers, and that ribbon further made me look like xiao mei mei. LOL!

If you ask: you are 19 now and definitely not a small girl anymore (YEAH), so why are you sticking to this avatar? Well, basically, it was wayyyy easier to draw it through the friction of my fingers and touchpad of laptop (no tablet. XD). Additionally, when i colour it with Photoshop, i made it ‘out-of-the-line’ deliberately, so that it looks like some doodling of a toddler. It resembles a child, or more accurately, the inner child within me. :)

Don’t you miss the days where you were still young, your parents held your hands carefully when they brought you around so that you didn’t get lost; you could cry or laugh as you want, no one would criticize you; you could be over the moon when your parents bought you your favourite chocolate; everyone surrounds you, smiling at you? The world of a child, is just so blissful and satisfying; at least for them.

I’m not philosophical to explain further but i hope you can get what i mean la. :)

So here i am, a girl who is entering a university soon with an occasionally-12-years-old-heart. What’s wrong with that? :P

P/s: Introduce to you, the “like” button on every post! *big evil laugh* Nah, I’m not trying to be perasan. I did not point a fruit knife at you, threaten to kill your hamster/cat/dog if you don’t “like” the post. Gah. It’s just a simple click, anyway. And i actually don’t know who’s the click-er (i think). LOL. So “like” it if you don’t mind. :)

P/s/s: Booked the flight ticket to Penang. ;))