Sayonara, My b-friend(s).


Today is the day whereby the the intake of students for USM will be announced.

Although not involved directly with it, I’m equally nervous.

And the result is, 3 of my bestfriends and my boyfriend got it.

So, for the sake of their future, i should be happy for them, right?

But it will be a total lie if i say i’m absolutely happy without a single element of sadness.

Ee Jye, it seems like our beautiful dream of becoming roommates during Uni has vanished now. LOL. I don’t have the chance to witness how your Island of Food expand from the size of S’pore into that of Japan. I would definitely miss the time having a heart-to-heart talk with you, and becoming PR in your room during weekends. =(

Hui Yi and Ying Sze, my playmates during my college life. I will miss our playful time, how we spent the 2nd last day in college sitting on a HUGE table under the moon, feeding mosquitoes. Oh Hui Yi, i will miss your random words. Haha.


I.. I don’t know what to say. =S

It seems that the thing i feared the most,
has just happened

I’m in dilemma whenever i thought of this matter. I hope you get the offer for it has been your dream. Remember how you describe how much you like the study environment over there. And on top of everything, it is so near to your dwelling.

But i can’t sort some selfish thoughts out of my mind. The devil within me persuade me to hope for the opposite to happen.

Mixed feeling in my heart.

Don’t be affected by me, ok?

Love you all. <3