:) or :( ?


18 May 2010.

The long-awaited day of all matriculation student batch 09/10.

Or, rather, the most-hated day? :S

If the title of blog post is :) with a lengthy description, it is a good news. One steps toward a better future.
If the title of blog post is :(, then don’t talk to me. Gah.

Be optimist! Be optimist! *i can’t when it comes to exam’s result. Ngeh.*

Well by the way, sad issue aside,
i bought a jeans skirt at an extremely reasonable price. :D
One item in wishlist removed.

And the next should be this:

White and red! Cantik. :P
Hope i’m getting this next week if nothing untoward happens.

Ahhhhh! Esok!!!