Of Seafood, i-City, and Ip Man 2.

Labour’s Day obviously has nothing associated with me. It’s not another holiday because i AM holidaying. It is not an extraordinary day, too, because I’m….jobless? Well, sometimes when you fill in a form, and they asked for “occupation”, you will fill in “STUDENT”. So STUDENT is a job afterall. And the problem is i’m not schooling now. So, i’m officially jobless and unemployed, right?

Gah. Cut the crap.

So on this boring day, dad brought us to this boring place called Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor. The boring activities were as below: boring (because too far) journey in the car with me in half-conscious state, boring way up the hill in the god-damn packed slow “train”, boring museum, and feeding this boring creature called monkeys.

Maybe they are not boring. Sorry, monkeys. But just like what i’ve told my parents: aren’t watching at two monkeys 24/7 with your own eyes in the house more than enough? My poor ears.

P1160323P1160326 P1160330

    Still take the opportunity to snap some photos larh, anyway.

After that, i dozed off in the car again and when my eyelids are completely separated, i ended up at here:

Ting000Seafood. :D :D :D

Ok. End of boring-ness.

Had seafood for dinner. Yummy! And it is definitely affordable. Steam fish at only RM30 and crabs at only RM38 per kg. Finger licking good! :D

After that we should have returned home. However, i forgot who popped up with the idea of going i-City since i’ve been jakun-ing over it since i came back to KK. The plan to go there with Deff and the rest when they dropped by in KL has failed. The plan to go there with KK-gang seems… no news? So, Yipee-Yay, I went there to jakun. :D

On the way my youngest bro keep crapping as usual. I’m really out of energy to answer all his question. You know what, it will be a waste of talent if he didn’t end up to become  lawyer. @.@ Nevertheless he said something that made me laughed till i almost cried. ><!

P1160352P1160351 P1160381P1160371P1160423 

Photos photos photos! I love capturing photos although I do not own a professional DSLR camera. It’s so beautiful there~ Love the white lights (that signify winter) the most. Snowy white. :)

More photos in Facebook. ;)


Went to watch Ip Man with Sheen Yeen, Mandy, Ckk, Jacky and Kai Jing at 1U this morning. We reached there too early, so we looked like some sort of lost teenagers roaming outside the shopping complex. Haha. And i watched the show for free~ Thanks Sheen Yeen for the free tickets! Overall the show was great. I didn’t watch Ip Man 1 before so i couldn’t make any comparison. Nevertheless, Ip Man 2 was worth watching. ;) Oh yea, just discovered Mandy’s new addiction: SUBWAY. Nah, first is pao, milo ais, apam, tomato ketchup, fan shu….and now? SUBWAY! Men Men oh Men Men…

P1160461 Camwhore pic. Adik kecil aku cakap aku zi lian (自恋). Aku speechless. Gah.