Since i was so free, i actually have the initiative to read my blog from the very first post onwards. This blog is like my diary. It incorporates my memories concerning the finishing chapters in high-school, my 6 months of lifeless existence during the long break, and all the incidents during my presence in Kedah Matriculation College. I wonder how long am i going to maintain the habit of blogging in this blog. Till I enter Uni, finish Uni, get a job, get a husband, get a child, get a bunch of children, get a grandchild, get a bunch of grandchildren, till the last breathe of mine? O_____O

I’m just so good in imagination. ;)

Reading old post helps to unlock the hidden memories lurking at a corner of our cerebrum. Although the brain is oval-shaped, there should be some microscopic corners

One of Mandy’s recent post reminds me of the days in high school again. Particularly, Form5. And when i read my dusty old posts again, it reminds me of some small things that almost slip of my mind.

  • The time we have cooking time during girl-guide, we set up the fire behind the school, cooking roti-lilit (AHHHH I MISS ROTI LILIT~), and Mandy used the fire to cook her fan shu. Sheen Yeen, Joanne and Elaine went into the humongous drain and formed a traffic light using the colours of their shirt. XD
  • We used to have the habit of smacking other’s forehead. O____O
  • Ckk used to use the name “lilili” in other’s c-box. lol.
  • Hui En is used to be known as Patty Raj! HAHAHA!!!
  • Mandy and Shaunie used to come out with this LEECHMAN theory.
  • The girls of the whole 5 Sc 1 used to get extremely excited over the rumour that 2 German dudes are coming to the school through the Students Exchange Programme.
  • The guys used to have this Bread-Eating-Competition during Account tuition.
  • The long “wee” (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~) used to be Sheen Yeen’s trademark, intelligently  reflects her sifat kebudak-budakan. :)

Last but not least,


Hard to get everyone in a trip now. =(

I miss our days in high school. =((


Nevertheless, i’m meeting us my KMK sisters tomorrow at EJ’s place. Slumber Night = gossip sharing moment. Can’t wait. =P

P/s: New record. I’d produced freaking 25 posts in this month! Highest record ever! That portrays my level of lifelessness. =P