Mommy’s Birthday and Digital Scrapbooking. :D

My stomach is currently overloaded, i can barely stand properly. Gah. Another unnecessary kg of wet mass. T_T Since i can hardly stand, i can hardly operate my brain too. Thus, let the photos do the talking. :D

*Lazy women*


Tada tada~ Mom’s Birthday present made by Yours Truly. She kept passing by when i was in the process of producing this. Phew~ The house need some decorative item. Besides, i’m =P


Mommy’s Chocolate Indulgence Cake from Secret Recipe~ Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm. You can imagine what will happen to me in the next few days. Chubbier face to go! @.@

Oh oh, i have found something new to combat boredom: DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK! Yeah yeah~ I’m still dealing with Photoshop, anyway. Just that i stole the scrapbooking freebies from the World-Wide-Web. Heehee. I need more freebies! Any recommended website?

desktop (scrapbook) Hualala~ Masterpiece. =P

I actually have more beneficial things to be done. I actually bought an English book to improve my poor-poor-very-very-poor vocabularies. You see, i can’t even think of another word to describe….very poor. =( Nevertheless that red coloured and 558 paged book has officially became a part of decoration on my study table. Well, just to make my table look more like a student’s table. :D

Ada siapa-siapa yang mau bawa saya keluar tak? Saya sudah nak mati kebosanan. =(

P/s: I hate anonymous spammers at my blog post’s comment box. Ugh. Delete delete.


  1. yi ting...i also ordered chocalate indulgence....=)

  2. Order for? Mother's day? It's sooooooooooooo nice~ Mmmmmm..


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