Make-Up can do Wonders

Before i continue, kindly watch these two scary videos first. Don’t worry, there are no joker face/ vampire face with teeth dripping with blood/ negative photos at the end of the video. It is just pure…

Fascinating. Surprising. UNBELIEVABLE. O____O

There’s a line saying 天下没有丑女人,只有懒女人。Direct translation of the line is, there’s no UGLY women in this world, only LAZY women. After watching these 2 videos, i bet you are moving your fluctuating your head in a up-and-down movement uncontrollably at this statement. That’s freaking true!

No wonder some people says make-up is the greatest invention for women. But not for me la hahahahahaha 

Especially eye make-up. Initially, they are some eyes that look slightly thicker than a thread, some eyes that look as if there are magnets of opposite pole located at the 2 eyelids, some eyes that makes the person look as if she had not taken a nap for a fortnight, or better still, a pair of eyes similar to mine (:D or :S, which is the appropriate emoticon now). After undergo the magic, tada tada~!

It is not exaggerating that the eyes after make-up looks double the size of the one before make up.

Scary? XD

The magical contact lens made the iris looks WAY bigger. Whoa. It made me feel like purchasing one set of it. @.@ And freaking 4 and a half pairs of fake eyelashes? Doesn’t she feels as if she is supporting a fly (or flies) with her eyelids? Hmm, i wonder.

If i am hardworking and skilful enough, perhaps i will turn into a belle like them. Woot, mesmerising big eyes. Potential electricity generator. LOL.

Because my eyes are similar to those, i assume they have the potential to be TRANSFORMED into those stage right? :D :D :D

Nevertheless, i’m just too lazy. So if there are 2 categories of women, the Ugly Ones and the Lazy Ones, i think i belonged to the latter. Peace.




*I don’t know how to translate these into proper English.*


The video indicates that some guys might be very very SURPRISED when they FINALLY saw their gf without make-up. So to the guys out there, make sure you already SAW your gf without make-up before you got heart attack in the future.

Since i didn’t scare my boyfriend thousands miles away from me (Only about 300++km hahaha),
I can put this topic aside.

Excessive editing on my darling face using Photoshop is enough to cause nightmare to my ownself. Fulamak.

picture0015 There’s actually nothing wrong with mata sepet, what? :P
(Although i’m still jealous with people with bigger eyes. LOL.)


P/s: KK Kaki~ Good Luck for exams and FINISH IT ASAP! IS TIME, TO GO OUTTTT~!!
-Yamcha (Pn Ong reminded us to include her and Pn Chan)
-Girl Outing
-Girl Sleepover if possible.
-Random Photoshoot around Lakeside
Woot. I even have a list. :D