I knew there will be the existence of this post. I can predict future. Chun, kan?

So my fancy dream of going for a vacation while attending the USM interview in Penang seems to fail. Miserably. Uh-uh. Told ya, miracle don’t always happen. It only happens when i lost my belongings.

But I’m serious when i say i feel like going to Penang! I know i sounds despo but…. =S Kindly inform me if any of you are interested to step into Penang. :D

Ahhh. I’m getting off-topic.

So, the main discussion here is, to go or not to go for my USM interview on 12 May, at the Health Campus in Kelantan. K-E-L-A-N-T-A-N.

If you don’t know how far is Kelantan from my dwelling, kindly get a Malaysia map and measure it. Hmm, one-finger-distance, not too far right? And now get a ruler to measure the length of your finger and multiply it with the scale of map. And you will get the mystery revealed.


It is like.. 10 hours of bus journey from KL. I rather use that 10 hours to go Facebook till my eyeballs dangle from my eye sockets, rather than confining myself in this movable fridge.

I know there is the existence of such vehicle called aeroplane. I’m just trying to explain how far is Kelantan from Selangor. =S

 *take a deep breath. serious now. serious* Lets start this by humming a little praising song of USM, University Sains Malaysia. It is the so-called APEX University in Malaysia, so it is a learning institution of high quality. The course that Miss Tee has applied, which is Dentistry, will be conducted in the Health Campus located in Kelantan. And I’ve heard people saying how eye-catching is the scenery over there, is like holiday-vacation kind of scenery (kononnya.), the facilities and new and complete, yada yada yada.

I will definitely step into there willingly,

If only it is located right beside Kota Kemuning. :)

So is the distance problem that matters. AND also, the environment factor.

Distance problem. Those who are kicked from KL/Selangor to study is KEDAH Matriculation College will understand this. High 5. Although life in college is quite enjoyable but i couldn’t deny how much i miss to go home at times. Considering the holy-shyt-slow internet connection, the lack of big shopping complex (yeala i’m a typical teenager), the isolation from modern life, etc. That explains why we tend to get abnormal one day before departure to home due to over-excitement. Gah. Additionally, when you are so tired of facing the pile of books on your table, you can’t get any means of real entertainment to free you from the boredom. Talk about bek-cek-ness. Ugh.

Maybe i can stand that for 11 months but 5 years? 5 freaking years?

Environment factors. Living in a land with no cinema, minimal entertainment, and…..some-culture-and-religion-related-issues-that-can’t-be-mentioned-here. The latter is sickening. Like, really really sickening. I’ve experience some minor ones in college, and WILL be experiencing more major ones if i ever accept the offer of USM. Those unreasonable and illogical issues are beyond my acceptance. Ugh.

Maybe you say “You can always go for the interview first, and further consider when you got the offer.” Bear in mind, IF i ever got the offer, somehow i HAVE to accept the offer. Because there is rumour saying if you reject a USM offer, you wouldn’t get your 1st/2nd choice for IPTA. And there gone your future.

Besides, I personally believe much in self effort instead of the quality of learning institution. What matters at the end if the piece of cert, anyway, disregarding where it comes from. So i actually don’t mind not studying in the so called BEST Uni in M’sia.

Furthermore I’m actually STILL unsure of which field i should further my studies in the future. Ever since i abandon the idea of becoming a doctor, till now. Don’t  slap me right left up down front back. =S I’m ready to accept anything that seems acceptable. Gah. If i really “follow my heart” from the beginning, i would be any art school learning designing things now. Instead of having my brain stuffed with echinodermata reptile mamalia cholophyta amoeba chondrichthyes asteroidea polifera leucosolemia annelida valanga insecta streptococcus……………..

I typed this without referring to any source of reference. fulamak. @.@

So, go or not to go? I have a pretty clear idea in my head but here is one more obstacle that stop me from jumping into conclusion:


Oh kay. I’ll settle this later.

Long post with 1/4 of craps. Or more?