I am OK. :)


Don’t worry, people. I’m OK already. Maybe this is the so-called Premenstrual Syndrome, or more commonly known as PMS. Due to the hormone level bla-bla-bla, this is the consequences.


After spitting them out, i feel lots better. Thanks Deff. And although you always tell me not to apologize to you, i still insist to do so. On top of everything, thanks for being so understanding.

The details are not to be exposed in my public blog. :)

Thanks Sheen Yeen for lending your eyes too (yea, eyes, not ears. You can only see words in Facebook Chat.). Good Luck for exam ya~ I’m waiting for school holiday to start. By that time, we all, the KK girls, shall have another Girls-Day-Out. ;)

P/s: I <3 Lavender~ The Red Bean Cheese Bun~ ahhhh~~