Good Luck, people!

good luck

Good luck for my buddies who are attending the USM interview starting from tomorrow! Best wishes from me! You guys can have my luck since I’m not using it. I can send my Guardian Angel to take care of you guys for that.. 15 minutes? Hahaha.

Hope i don’t lose any belongings when my Guardian Angel is away. =P

Okay~ Crap aside, if you are attempting to ask me whether i’m going for the interview and W.H.Y., I’m sorry but…… can i choose not to answer that? Because it is like i have said, or typed the same thing for 51226378 times, and i’m sick of it. If you INSIST to ask me, don’t blame me if i, like what Ade have said, pull your hairs off. Unless if you think you look great in botak. LOL.

For those who are going / have been giving advices for me, i’m very thankful for that, but at the same time, i want to apologize. For being rude to you all. I know you guys love me. Nevertheless, i wish to filter out all these influences that might affect my stand. Sorry for being stubborn, but i wish not to listen to those advising words again, OK?

Because is like i’m swimming at one direction and the waves keep pushing me back to the shore. Is a steady mental assault.

My interview is on 12May. Today is 10May. And i’m showing no sign of packing or doing some homeworks or whatsoever. Peace.

Once again, GOOD LUCK people! :)