Eyes went on strike.

I don’t understand.

Some says when one lacks attention from the others, he or she still start to behave weirdly. Like start to have obsession for something.

I’m not LOL-ing. I am not laughing-out-loud, neither am I lack-of-love.

So why am i afflicted with this disease called Internet Addiction / Internet Obsession?

I don’t understand!

Actually there is an obvious answer.

Boring. Sien. Bosan. 无聊。

And this is so bad!

When i recall back, i’m surprised that it is absolutely not a problem for me to spend half of my day in front of Pi Pi, my sexy laptop. It is too hot and sexy until i couldn’t take my eyes off from it.


Bloody 12 hours on Facebook, ::: Inverted Hourglass:::, Photoshop, Youtube, and random websites. OhMaiGosh. Unbelievable.

And what’s the consequences? My eyes are protesting now. Eye-bags have just acquire encouragement to more hyper. Black-eye-circles are out to say ‘Hi’ again. I reckon they miss this colourful world too much.

And who’s the ultimate victim? Their owner lo.

So, whether like it or not, i have to cut down on online. Reduce to 4 hours per day (which is actually consider as a bonus for many people leading a hectic life). Tee Yi Ting, gambate. Hohoho.

Perhaps my eyes need to make acquaintance with better things. Like books, paper, pencil, poster colour… anything that don’t have the satanic light shining out from it.

It sounds like i’m depicting my laptop as a devil. O_O.

If i don’t stop now, the vertical height of my sepet eyes is going to be further reduced. Family members will think that they are talking to a sleeping zombie. Deff will think that he is webcam-ing a panda from China. My friends will probably think i’m Yi Ting’s long-lost twin sister with a more unpleasant appearance. XD

Chao~ For the sake of my eyes. (–-.—)

rainbow_eye_by_Noodlez222 Not mine, duh~