Colourful Wings.



Forgive me for the blur-ness of this picture. It is captured with my 1.3 megapixel phone’s camera *No-eye-see*. Hope this is the last picture taken with this camera. *lu lala lu lala lula lula leh~*

Who says wings have to be white all the time? :)

My brother thought i’m drawing a parrot. O.o

Flipping my clear holder with previous artworks, i realise that i like to draw angels / fairies or anything with wings. (That doesn’t include flying-cockroach, duh..) Maybe i just have obsession towards wings, no?

Wings symbolise freedom. If you have wings now, what would you do?

You would probably sneak out when your family members are in deep slumber, and fly to another place where you wish to visit. Be it another country with different culture, a mountain top where you can enjoy the view of magnificent sunrise, a beach where you can feel the soft sands soothing every inch of your skin, or just somewhere you can have your own time, looking at the stars twinkling at you, pondering your future.

If you have wings, you would probably take a sweet escape from your current environment. Free from the piles of undone assignments, free from the stack of books which you have to swallow each and every words in it in order to ace in your exam, free from gossips that tangle over you, free from the world where you have to be extra careful in your speech to please everyone, because it is so tiring.

In the sky with your wings, you can probably enjoy bathing in the warm sunlight (umm, remember to apply sunblock first. Minimum SPF50. Hee.). You can cuddle the snowy clouds, it is even softer than your Teddy bear. You can touch the rainbow, and slide down from it like sitting the roller coaster in Genting. But at the same time, do beware of aeroplane and lightning. LOL.

If i have wings now, i would definitely stop typing this and fly out now. Out into the fresh air, out to somewhere where i have someone willing to accompany me for the whole day, filling my days with fun yet warming things. My eyes can have rest from Facebook. I can play for the whole day before i return home to have rest, and longing for the more exiting day ahead. Doesn’t that sounds great?

Dream is just dream. Wake up, Yi Ting.

Ho ho ho.