Autumn’s Concerto 下一站,幸福

 下一站,幸福2Few days nicely spent on this drama. Perhaps my eyeballs are dropping out from my eye socket soon. The movement of eyeballs is further aided by the presence of tears especially for the first half of the show. T.T After all, it is a GOOD thing to watch drama without accompaniment (esp the accompaniment from my BRR-RWA-THERS). If my youngest bro ever spot me crying at drama, he would shot me with one kind of look, probably thinking i’m insane. Cold-blooded animal punya thinking. lol.

Anyway, this drama is great! Sorry lah Mandy, i still think it is nice. XD Maybe because it was very long since i last finished watching a drama from the first to last episode. It incorporates the value of family, sacrifice, and trust. We have to be frank in a relationship instead of protecting it with lies, or it will burst and be destroyed like an erupted volcano in the end. I always stick to this principle. :D


The loving family~


The very very very adorable little kid called Xiao Le. There was a scene that kept my tears flowing like Sungai Pahang (?!). This little innocent kid told his mom that there is no need to lie to him that he has an alien daddy, because he knew from the beginning that he has no daddy, but he never say out loud because he don’t want his mom to be sad over it. Of course it is not tear-stimulating when you try to imagine it by reading my stupid words (lol), you have to WATCH it! :D

Oh-kay. A drama finished. What to do next? Many mini projects in my head now.. Hmmmmmm~