And this is mine! ;)


My own name tag. I love rainbow colours~

Hmm. I don’t what to update about. Nothing special has occurred to me recently. With the exception that i actually hurt my car just now. Poor wira.

Hmm Hmm. It’s Wesak Day tomorrow so it is a public holiday.

*light of hope casting down on Yi Ting*

Yet mommy say we are not going out, most probably, because if you step into the school compound now, as you sniff, you can smell the aroma of examination. So being the poor victims under examination, my brothers would definitely refuse to go out. Oh, correction, should be “my brother” without “s”. Because i'm referring only to my youngest bro, the one that throw me out from my territory because he want to use my place to study. Perhaps my study table has better feng shui, no?

So can't go out la? *light of hope dissapear and Yi Ting stumbled onto the ground, burying her face into palms, with her body trembling terribly.*

Dramatic. ><!

Budak yang bernama Deffrey Chuah itu pulak pigi bercuti lagi. Kali ini lima hari kat Bangkok. Budak bertuah niiiiiii~

Never mind, i'm anticipating my trip to Redang Island. Prepare to be SHOCKED by my skin colour by that time. XD

Chao~ :D