And i was like, Baby Baby Baby Ohhh~

OK, the title is not related to the post. This song of Justin Bieber has mixed with my brain juice, like how you mix Milo powder and hot water. So yea, it is circulating in my brain and i typed the lyrics out without realising. It is a reflex action. =S

I’ve been banished. My youngest bro has conquered my study table without my permission, claiming it as a better spot to study without much disturbance (referring to the volume of unnecessary sounds). So he throw my mini mountain of stuffs away on his untidy table, and spread out his giant mountain of stuffs on my table. Kesian aku. =(

Emo face aside,


Yi Ting’s new baby is home! My baby red-white c510. :D :D
Other than the identity as my new baby, this phone is also the girlfriend of Sheen Yeen’s blue-black c510. We have couple phone! Hohohohohoho~ The owners are la gong + la po, the handphones are husband and wife too. ;)
Deff and Ckk, don’t be jealous ya. =P


I love my new phone’s camera. It is like 100x better than my previous one. <3 That’s Sheen Yeen’s sotong floating in the air. The one and only sotong that can floats in the air. LOL

Bought new swimsuits and new sunblock too. 3 things in wishlist are removed in one shoot. :D It’s gonna be a bad day for dad’s wallet. Hoho!