Shopping excursion with sisters and the important one. =P

 27 April 2010: Mid Valley

Met with the rest at MPH and we are definitely a bunch of noise makers (><!!). After loitering around we went to Esquire Kitchen (大人餐厅) to have our lunch. Ordered this:

friedsaucenoodle LOL. OF COURSE i didn’t take this photo. I was so free, i actually had the initiative to search for it from the website. =_=!

Watched this movie with Deff after lunch:

4bb2a0db8423dIce kacang Puppy Love!

Not a bad movie after all. Something that is closely-related to our life in M’sia. Haha. Nicholas Chong and Penny Tai only appear for 5 seconds at the end of the show. And Fish Leong does not have any dialogue other than sucking her Barley Ice. Gary Chaw is damn funny. “我切掉~“*high pitch*. LOL! Is a collection of little warming and funny stories which portrays the value of love, not only among the opposite sex but also in the family. :)

After the movie both of us began the process of excessive-calories-intake. This world is unfair! This human beside me won’t gain any inch of excessive adipose tissues no matter how much he eats. Unfair! =(


Ice-cream from Gelato Fruity and Classic Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. YAY!

*rub my tummy. sigh.*

Met up with the rest who have finished watching their another movie. When we went up the escalator at one side, they went down from another side. Haha!

Next, we started our usual-and-favourite-activity: PHOTO-TAKING SESSION. :)


Group Pic. Some were not in the photo though as they went back earlier. Overall those who attended this gathering were me (duh), Peh Ge, Hui Yi, EJ, Xuan Lin, Ying Sze, Adeline, Patricia, Fiona, Hwee Chia, Deffrey, Jimmy, Jye Jhuin, Chuen Wah, Cheng Tat, Sui Khen, Juin Hoong, Kent Room.

Have i left anyone out? =S


Picture with sisters @ Garden. :D


Both of us.=P

More photos for your eyes in Facebook. Hehe.

Is great meeting up with everyone again after 2 weeks. EJ was as siao-poh as usual. Peh Ge gave some cute and funny reaction towards something. Hui Yi was as random as she is (And she told me this by herself. I didn’t witness the random-ness because i was sitting in another table during lunch. Aiyaaaak). Xuan Lin is very tall today. Uncle Jimmy was un-gentleman (AS USUAL) because he asked me to take his 1.5L water bottle. I miss Ade, Pat, Fiona, and Ying Sze too. Looking forward for our next outing, sisters!

28 April 2010: Sunway Pyramid.

Went to Sunway Pyramid in the evening to meet the Penang Guys again with a clear target in my head: I’m GOING TO SHOP! Yes Yes Yes! Haha! Before that, we had a small gathering with our friends studying at Sunway College (or friend’s friends. Ahh.. all are inter-linked with each other.) at McD. And these people includes Mandy and Jacky. Sheen Yeen and the rest, please stop emo-ing me when you see this post. Ngeh. =S Quote Deff, he is just a ordinary boy, nothing to see. =.=!!


Group pic at Mcd. Lazy to name one by one. See with your own eyes. HAHA! =P

After that went to shop at Asean Avenue. I bought a blouse and was gifted a T-shirt. Haha. Big thanks to Mr. YT’s-personal-image-consultant. =P

Met Erika and the other guys after awhile, so we went to take our dinner before we left.

P1160245 Group pic near the entrance~ :D


LOL is us again. XD

So here ends my outing for two consecutive days. What’s next? Rotting at home with Facebook, Blogspot and Autumn’s Conserto (下一站,幸福). Oh peace. =.=V