Random things when exam is around the corner.




I eat Maths for breakfast.
Calculator is my desert. :)


Use Milo cup to drink Nesvita.
Imma such a Milo betrayer.


Best companion during exam. =_=V

Lexus-cheese-biscuit-eating-monster is striking back!

Tutorial room became my favourite hangout because it is so stuffy (& sleep-inducing) in my room! @.@

Maggie Mee strikes back too!

Touch the sky..

And kick the sky…. (?!?!?!)

Ahh i suppose this site will undergo hibernation for a period of time. Oh correction: Malaysia is having summer all year round, so it would be appropriate to let this site undergo aestivation. ::: Inverted Hourglass::: will burrow itself deep into the muddy sand of blogsphere and secret mucus that open at its mouth to allow air to enter its lungs. Like lungfish. :D

Ok, Tee Yi Ting, enough. =____=!

I HOPE (HOPE HOPE HOPE) this coming exam would NOT be as disastrous as PSPM I so i don’t have the need to come out with another sad post to express my sadness. *Choi! Touch Wood!*

Sayonara! :)

P/s: Thanks to exam, i had my most peaceful April Fool ever. LOL. I nearly forgot it was 1st of April, anyway. Gah.