One of the most successful invention: Contact Lens


Recently i couldn’t get my eyes off this photo. LOL! It is my “Photo of the week” in this blog, and also the desktop picture of my laptop. Oh yea i’m a lesbo. I like to stare at hot babes, cannot ah

Everyone look so chun in this photo. :D

And suddenly i thought, yea, we all had grown up. In the photo above, no one is specky. When the actual fact is, 5 out of the 6 of us actually has sight impairment!

What does this prove?
The power of contact lens. LOL.

Back in 2008..


Shaunie, PehGe, SheenYeen. Specky Specky Specky.

*I’m digging hard for Mandy’s photo in specs but i couldn’t find any. @.@ I guess we both are the same: refuse to exposed ourselves in front of camera with specs. :P

Bagi bahagian saya pulak..


I apologize if i scared you off a lil. @.@

The photo on the left is one of my most HORRIBLE photo, frankly speaking. Many of my KMK friends was like “OH MY GOSH YITING YOU CHANGED ALOT” when they saw this photo (together with few of my ancient photos. gah.) But since transformation is something good, so i guess it is oh-kay to put such terrifying photo in my public blog.
As for what happened to my 1st pair of specs, the story behind is too long and too shameful to be told. Maybe the few of my friends that know the truth would be giggling over it now. Let’s keep the nonsensical secret to ourselves. lol.

The photo on the right is my current specs. And i can hardly find any photos of ME in my OWN SPECS. That’s why i have the need of capturing a immediate-webcam-photo. Gah. Specs is an unwelcomed guest to me exp in the lecture hall, cinema, and sometimes, car. Go away specs. I hate you. =(

Ahhh.. talk about TRANSFORMATION!


Went back to high school to take my SPM cert and guess what i saw?


My own framed artwork on the library corridor… !?!?!

I knew about this through Yin Ying’s blog but it is still quite surprise (and WEIRD) to see your own artwork hung at the corridor. For many people it is a “waaaaaaaah” thing but do you know what’s the naked truth?

They are the leftovers (T.T) of the auction during Funt Hunt dinner back in 2008. One for RM100 i think. Siao kia. Teacher ask few of us to draw, so i draw lo.
Then they framed it and sold ‘em so expensive lo.
So no one buy lo.
So the school don’t want to waste money lo.
So they put them on the corridor lo.
So that’s the story lo.

Frankly speaking as a sane person i won’t buy them although i have RM200 cash in my hand now. Gah. Who want to buy some childish paintings and place ‘em at home?

*pijak sendiri*

But that’s the truth. I rather use that RM200 to buy some nice clothes. =P



I loveeeeeeeeeeee my room so much now. Remember i mentioned about re-decorating my own room? So i did it. And LOVE it!


*peek peek* I have this in my room. :)

Study-corner-deco next! So the full view of my room will be exposed in this post together with my study-corner-deco in the next or next-next post. Stay tuned on ::: Inverted Hourglass:::. Haha! :P