Once girl guide, Forever girl guide.

Few days back, i finally have the initiative to tidy up my lockers so that my unfortunate belongings finally have some space to breathe. Ah-haha. So while doing the cleaning i found these stuffs which pull me back into nostalgia:

P1160168 Badges. Although till now, i’ve not undergo perlantikan so frankly speaking i’m still not an official Girl Guide.. Owhhhhh…

P1160164 Whistle. Which is placed together with my crayons and poster colours..  I know they are not related to each other. ><!!

P1160166 Woogle without the Girl Guide logo. @.@



Ting023 My badges…. thinking back the days where we submitted scrapbooks to earn these badges. By the way that’s my baby star keh-leh-feh-ing behind. =)

Awwwww~ our good old days. Joing Girl Guide is one of the best memories in high school. We have gone through so much thing together, be it the happy ones or sad ones!


Form 4. Car wash. Need to earn money to cover up the lose of budget due to the unsuccessful camp. =( The failed-to-be-held camp was the heartache of every single of us back then. Nevertheless, we have fun washing the cars in the rain!

keith kacaoDSCN3514

Plantation around the orchid garden. This is what happened when we were trying to capture a group photo and Keith the penyibuk passed by deliberately. Haha!

what is this.. copy

Our goldfish faces!

gtg ryg 025 The Kumpulan Lily girls~ with SY’s weird hand behind. lol.

girl guides

Form 4. The morning session campers of Kem Integrasi. One of the best camp i’ve ever attend, NOT because of the activities and strict camp rules, but the people i went with. I could remember it was about 2-3am in the morning, I was sniffing LOUDLY due to flu, and suddenly a voice from Sheen Yeen’s tent, which is beside my tent, said:

Oi, tent beside, what time itzit now?”

And during that time they were actually eating Chipsmore chocolate, i think? And on the last day, we squatted down in a row, stuffing banana’s into our mouth. Some with both hands holding bananas. What a sight. HAHA.


Form5. Went for the Pesta Kepanduan. Leant the knots like crap few days before the event but it turned up to be useless.. They asked regarding gadgets instead! @.@


Cooking using charcoal and branches. Roti lilit! I miss that.

P1060918 P1060922

Some of the memorable photos taken: the traffic light (oh yea they freaking went inside the BIG longkang. XD) and Sheen Yeen hatching her egg. Wahahahaahahahah!


Form 5. Camp Integrasi. We are the only four Form5 pep among the other girl guides. Here is where i lost my _________(Fill in the blank) to Hui En. T_______T. Mandy and Sheen Yeen didn’t come to save me! And Mandy let Sheen Yeen got kissed by mosquitoes for 30 times. XD

P1070721My first real camping at Taman Negara. Me, Peh Ge and Sam were the only 3 representative for our school.. sad lorh! XD An tiring adventure. But a nice experience.

Pic 053

We are so over-semangated-with-pandu-puteri until we actually went back to school to help the juniors for their camping after we graduate.We are the oldies~ A nice opportunity to meet up with everyone.. From here we found Mini PehGe too. XD

Of course there were more memories with Girl Guides..
How we made and sold chocolate cookies during CNY..
How we stayed back at school to do bookmarks to be sold (when the following day is the freaking History paper!)
How we planned the deria test….…
In the whole, how we syiok sendiri all the time.

Miss those days! I want to go back to high school again.