I love you, you love me, we are happy family~ <3

From the bottom of my heart,

This post, is dedicated to my family members over here in the college,

Where i had stayed, complained, enjoyed, laughed, and cried, for 11 months.

These words have been written on small cards for my darlings, but i just want to type it down here (because what you see here is actually the ORIGINAL draft {and the elaborated one}. Hahahaha!)


Dear my pretty eldest sis,

You are one of the prettiest person i’ve ever met. (not lying!!) You have been a protective Da Jie all along. I love you! Keep smiling~ :)

Additionally, i will take good care of the cute lil black doggie plushie you gave me on my 18th Birthday. It accompanies me through day and night when i study (since it is sitting right in front of me on the table). Look at the dog and i’'ll thought of you! :)


Ee Jye
Dear the naughtiest 2nd sis,

LOL. What i want to tell you is already all displayed in the birthday vid i gave you. To write it all here all over again will take up the next thousand words (LOL). KEEP IT WELL OR I’LL CHOP YOU! *Bwahahahaha* Once again, THANKS for always be there when i need you. Thanks for lending your ears and giving advise. The days of having you in the class during first semester is awesome. [I would definitely miss teasing you regarding the “colourful socks” issue. :)]. Parasiting at your room during weekends is one of the unforgettable memory. To sum it all,



Hui Yi
Dear the most random 3rd sis,

Like what Ying Sze like to say, you are one of the special friend that i will never forget. LOL. Is hard to get another 24/7 random-talking person like you! Hahahahahaha! Anyway, i want to apologize for ALWAYS teasing you and bully you. I know i’m bad, but your words always unintentionally trigger me to come out with those words. (HAHAHA!). Nevertheless, THANKS for always helping me in academic especially Maths. I will miss disturbing you at your room when i’m bored as your room is one of the nearest one from mine.

On top of everything,
I’ll miss those moments where we walked together on the corridor, you said something random (again), causing me to peluk tiang at the next moment. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!


Xuan Lin
Dear the most talented 4th sis,

You are freaking smart, excel in sports, have a sweet voice to sing, able to compose awesome songs, and even pick up dancing! Ohmigosh you are one of the most talented person that i’ve ever met, and this characteristic of you impressed me since i first knew you. You are my IDOL! I’ll definitely remember you, 现代观音+Megan Fox (lololololol. Quote Kent Room. *ROFL*) I just want to tell you again you are a near-to-perfect person, so be more confident of yourself in the future, OK? Don’t ever say you are stupid, cuz if genius like you said so, what am i? Longkang Fish? Hahahaha!

I love you, and i believe that you WILL excel in whatever you’ll doing in future, Cindy the Dentist! :)


Dear my funny 5th sis,

Know you since orientation week and it has been a great memory. I could clearly remember that you will start to laugh whenever you see me, and i’ll try to make you laugh even harder. LOL! I will too treasure the time we helped you for the JPP thing, helped you to distribute flyers, the few of us climb up the tiang to tie your flags… We all are so happy when we heard that you got chosen! :) Sometimes, you are a really funny person which did things that amused us so so so much. You told me not to deny that i’m beautiful (although i still want to deny now. lol), SO YOU TOO! All the best in your future!!! Just want you to know that EVERY SINGLE OF US LOVE YOU! If you need someone to listen to you, i’m here for you too, just like what you’ve told me in the little card you made for us. :)

Pic 075
Peh Ge
Dear the cutest 6th sis,

Ah Peh oh Ah Peh~ I know you won’t pinch me when i say you are cute now, right????? *Muahahaha* Don’t repeat your violent act on me during Form 2. Bwahaha! So glad to have you with me here in Kedah. When i first stepped into this place, you are my only company. We prayed to get the same room but it ended up that your room and my room are like so so far away (Oh! Have not been to your room for so long. Haha!) This is our 10th year of acquaintance and i’m happy to have a old friend like you, besides Sheen Yeen, Mandy and Shaunie. I, too will remember the letter you gave me during my 18th birthday as it is so warm~ And that cute cute cute earrings~ Thanks a bunch!!! :)

P/s: Alarrr i won’t miss you after matrics ends. Your house and my house are like 5-minutes-journey away. HAHAHAHA!
P/s: Things i wrote on the card from you is totally diff with the draft i typed in blog. LOL. Guess i have TOO MANY THINGS to tell you, well. xD


Ying Sze
Dear the most creative 7th sis,

Awww~ you are the only one who accompanied me for both 1st and 2nd semester! Muaaahx! XD Whenever there is competition requiring creativity, we are always there (and fortunately, WIN for most of the time. XD) From Merdeka Banner, Kolam, Pot Decoration, Poster Drawing for English Carnival to the best part of all, CNY design team!!! You are DEFINITELY a good leader throughout the days we worked as a team. Those days, remained as one of my best memories in college. Besides, you (and Hui Yi) are the one that i look for whenever i want to go for outing or badminton. When you guys left me alone and went for the KL trip, i suddenly realise the significant role you guys play in my life ~~~ (LOLOLOLOLOL) And oh,
I will remember our common facial expressions whenever we heard something random from Hui Yi. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Dear the kindest 8th sis, 

You are always so kind and sweet to everyone. That makes you so lovable, not only among us, but among everyone at here. Not forgetting we are in the same boat for certain thing (ahem. You know, i know, actually everyone knows. =_=) Thaaaaaat certain thing (lol) might be difficult, but don’t give up. Have faith in it, and continue to believe. You always have my blessings with you, particularly in thaaaaaaat matter (Hahahahahaha!). Let’s gambateh together! :)


Dear my friendly 9th sis,

You are another funny and cute person i know here. Haha! I will remember our 18th Birthday celebration! How we got cheated by the rest all the way to EJ’s room and the 4 crazy women GIRLS jumping out from the wardrobes. HAHAHAHA! Keep your bear bear in good condition and i’ll keep my bear bear the same (lol). You have been the organiser of
Tanglung Night and Info Hunt and they have been great! Be a cute cute doctor in the future~ :D


Dear the hottest mommy,

Yeah~ Our sexy mommy~ XD Our biggest common memory should be the days working as CNY design team, right? Those days are both enjoyable and memorable. All the best for your future!! *including the future with.. our.. daddy.. LOL!*


Not forgetting..
Someone that is not my family member (LOL),


Deffrey Chuah Chun Ee,


What i want to say has been said. LOL. In conclusion, I’m praying hard (and will work hard) for our unknown future ahead. Life is unpredictable, but no matter what happens, I would be far than grateful to know someone like you. Even though you always say “There’s is no need to say Thank You and Sorry among us”, i still want to thank you, for your existence has taught me many lessons. I start to have new realisation on certain things in life. Thanks. :)



Thanks all of you for becoming part of my short memories over here. Here, in Kedah Matriculation College. Thanks. :)


  1. hey, i think u wouldn't expect to see me here. fyi: this is ur da jie~ lol... :D it's s o sweet of u gal!!! remember the kmk memories ya!! love ya! keep in touch! ;D

  2. Hi Da Jie!!!! Yea must keep in touch. love u guys!


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