I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Saying bye is good because:

  • No more freaking oily food.
  • No more certain annoying lecturer.
  • No more washing my own clothes (or i might miss this, perhaps?)
  • More time for shopping! T-shirt! Pants! Skirts!
  • Mommy food. :)
  • I finally got the time (and initiative) to learn cooking
  • Getting the chance to practise my driving skill
  • Swimming. :))
  • Tummy exercise that i’m paixe to do in my room now. lol.
  • can upload photo on Facebook without worrying about the stupid internet speed.
  • no more silly rules
  • Is time to slack kao kao.
  • I’m looking forward for home visiting.
  • I miss my KK friends, BADLY.

Saying bye is bad because:

  • No more sleeping over in people’s room.
  • No more gossip during dinner
  • No more badminton with my friends
  • No more family birthday celebrations
  • No more meeting my siao-siao friends frequently
  • No more…… no more…. someone’s accompaniment. :’(

Sometimes i don’t know whether to laugh or cry. :) ? :( ?


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