Holiday Resolutions + Wishlish… :P

Nah. Like i can achieve my resolution. I doubt myself. I doubt i doubt.

1. Learn How To Cook
……………. before i sia-sui in front of my KMK sisters who wants to go for home-visiting. Although there is a high probability of 90% that the dishes will be prepared by the great chef—my mommy, by that time. Tehee.


Oh this is too advanced for me. For the moment i only learnt this:


With the exception that this photo is stole from the World Wide Web, and the actual thing came out from Yours Truly looks 101% more horrible than this. LOL.

But still EDIBLE! :D That’s the most important thing of all, isn’t it?

2. Finish my paper art


Oh these (esp the right one) are already quite complex for me. F.Y.I, i only possess a simple cerebrum. Gah. So I’m doing something simpler that goes together with my simple brain.

3. Change my room deco

picz 018Photo taken in 2007 (walaowe!) I think i shall get some advise from Deff. After all, don't waste the talent of Design Team’s member (especially people with strong interest in interior designing. Weeee~) I know i’ve found the right person. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

4. Change my study corner wall design.

P1060321Photo taken in 2008. I even blogged about its birth in this blog (but i’m too lazy to trace back). Bye bye (if i have the passion to do so)~

5. Become a better driver.

Like this!

car1 My head la. I only pray that i can drive properly out of KK (which include overcome the terrifying 1st roundabout. LOL) and did not end up like this:



6. Oh-Something-Related-to-The-Weighting-Machine.

scaleAh skip this. With my current lifestyle (that i’m reluctant to change) i’m never-ever gonna achieve this resolution. Oh girl.

7. *entering wishlist* A simple jeans short skirt??


8. A pair of simple jeans short pants?? (Why am i carving for jeans eh?)


9. A fancy skirt like such????skirt

Ok la. Maybe it looks great on other’s ass but not mine. Sad lo. But i still want to find it!!!!!


(i want to add one more)11. T-SHIRTS T-SHIRTS T-SHIRTS!

And guess what, when Hui Yi told me that those who applied for USM courses (that will be placed in Kelantan campus) might need to attend interview in Penang, my first thought was, of course, har??? so farrr?” but i changed my mind almost immediately. WOOT OPPURTUNITY IS HERE GRAB IT GRAB IT! When i phoned someone, this someone sounded even more excited than me. LOL.

That’s what will happen when you have someone important living more than 340km from you. Gah.

Can’t get what i mean?

I GOT A REASON (or rather excuse) TO GO PENANG. WOOT. *Big broad smile*

Finger cross that the news it true. Bwahaha.

P/s: Listened to S.H.E’s latest album, SHERO (at last!)


Ok ok only lo. Duet quite nice. Some song with typical S.H.E-style are not bad too. I love the cover album more than their songs. :D

P/s/s: This site is unusually-frequently-updated recently. LOL. I doubt anyone really so rajin read one by one without missing any post, actually. But nevermind la. :P