Girl Outing to Sunway Red Box! :D

Is rare for us to go out in whole gang of girls. This was our first girl outing and of course it is fun! Because you know what?

Within about 4 hours,
we took about 150 photos.


Ah, bunch of crazy women. :P

So yea, this bunch of crazy women consist of Miss Chew Sheen Yeen, Miss Mandy Chong, Miss Shaunie Ng, Miss Tan Peh Ge, Miss Julia Tan, and last but not least, Yours Truly. All are still “Miss” lorh. Or maybe some are not already? XD

So i shall start the blog post by introducing this intruder to room no.28 of Red Box yesterday:


The anonymous Ah Sam that freaking stole my bag and walk away! *Gasp* Peh Ge says “LETS GO AND REPORT TO THE POLICE!”


Lets see some more-eye-pleasing photos. LOL.


Us in Red Box! Singing all those of oh-so-sad emo songs as if we are bunch of teenager girls who just broke up with their boyfriends. Oh.. so sad.. *5 guys sneeze simultaneously*


Something that girls wont forget: Mirror camwhore in toilet. Bwahahahahaha!


SY, Ting, Men, Nie, Ju and Peh. At the entrance of Red Box with the beautiful lighting. I love this pic! :D

  27043_380024353847_538053847_3942220_7620039_n 27043_380024363847_538053847_3942221_1897037_n 

Random photo-shooting outside Red Box. Which made us feel like organising another outing just for photo-shoot. Yay yay yay! Hope it will bcum true. :)

27043_380024418847_538053847_3942232_7862818_n @ Escalator. Photographer: PehGe

27043_380024433847_538053847_3942235_4310037_n@ Escalator no.2. Photographer: Mandy. Her masterpiece leh. So must praise praise a bit. Ha ha!


Shaunie’s face. HAHAHAHAHA!

 27043_380024458847_538053847_3942239_86907_nLast but definitely not least, a new superb way of capturing photo! LOL. Luckily Sheen Yeen’s specs is shinning enough. XD

Looking forward for more outings! *sing a little happy song*