Back to Kota Kemuning, the place I truly belonged…(?)

I doubt my title.

Sometimes, like some people would said, they felt as if they are not fully return. They felt as if they had left something behind.

Left something on the green field, blue skies and starry night in the college. Oh lets forget the big red sun.

I did not cry in the end. I thought i will.

I hugged many people disregarding the gender.

I went to the guy’s block and walked all the way from A1 and A2. LOL. Some were pretty shock to find my existence there. LOL. Some of the guys room were definitely not a nice sight to behold. Crazy. Like war scene.

And Deff even more pro. He went to both Block B and Block C. HAHAHAHAHA. Naughty us.

Unpacking stuffs is tiring.

Looking back at photos made me smile.

Some photos for your eyes:


Everyone looks so sweet. :) Credits to Deff.

So i say a lil prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again, My love
Over the seas from coast to coast
To find a place i love the most
Where the fields are green
To see you once again, My love~
-My Love, Westlife-

DSC01706       Heehee. Credits to the daddy of 10 sis. XD

Meet up with the KK people (haha!) one day after i came back. It’s my laaaaaa gooooooong birthday. Ahem, someone looks so different today. But still, budak kecil. :)


The jelly cake that Mandy and Jacky went all the way to Puchong to order. It’s so beautiful, it made me think twice before biting it. LOL!

24132_1421675870203_1481880567_31070203_1363719_n 25106_383131306541_598936541_4379445_3527923_n The Xiao Hai Zi, Miss Chew Sheen Yeen. We had grown up together for 10 years! Oh wait, she’s not growing up together with me. She’s either experiencing no net growth or negative growth because she is forever XIAO HAI ZI! XD

Going Cheeeeeeeeeooooooonnng K at Sunway Red Box tomorrow. YESH YESH YESH GIRL OUTING WOHOO! *excited tone* That’s the thing i love about Selangor/KL man! :D I’m going to break the glass in Red Box tomorrow… :D :D :D