Art attack!

(i) Paper art


Told ya, I did something simple. Cuz i have limited abilities (and patience) as the process of folding papers into triangles are so time consuming! And the naughty triangles tend to detach from the original position and when they do so, it challenged my patience to fix them back. Nevertheless, it is something worth trying. Till i got the ability to make something more complex! :)

(ii) Room decoration

Part of the materials:


Butterflies on the left and newspaper “branches” on the right. Yay, butterflies again (like those in my college room). Those butterflies found their new owner i.e. my tutorial mate, so i have to breed more butterflies and TADA! Here they are. I <3 butterflies~


The mess on my bed. @.@

And after about 2-3 hours, Tada!!







New thing on my plain wall~!!

Using the concept of forest, with “branches” and “veils” and cute little blue and purple flowers, together with 3 humongous butterflies (lol). The “T” signify my initial (Ting) and the rainbow-coloured Chinese characters are my Chinese name. :)

Close-up- s:


Branches and flowes.


Name! :D


Compare and contrast. LOL.

Whatever comments hurled to it, i’m proud of myself. :)

(ii) Study corner decoration

Apparently, i can’t let any big wall (that i’ll be always facing) to be blank. That is the reason why i keep sticking things on the wall of my KMK room (lol). Another example is the wall of my study corner. It is not blank ever since i was in Form4:


And this year:







Tada! Using the Black-White-Red concept. Again, the Chinese character at the centre is my last name, Ting. We should love our name, you know? :) And this design looks less childish compared to the previous one, so I LIKE!

Close-up-s again:


Yes! Blog address! hua-hua-hua

P1160162After placing my stuffs. My laptop skin is a good friend of my wall design, or vice versa. :D (Oh yea i know i’m one of the weird ones that put their soft toys on STUDY TABLE instead of bed. I need to hug them when i am webcam-ing~ =P)


So now it seems that i’ve tried every designing stuffs that i can do. I wonder what should i do in the next, next-next, or next-next-next week. Awwww.. lifeless again. @.@

P/s: Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!!!