MAKANs around the week: Birthdays, Block Dinner, BBQ Party!!

Xuan Lin’s Bday(250310)

Ting005 Prezzie for Xuan Lin. 4th sis! Hope you like it. :)

I’m officially out of idea to birthday present. I’ve made video for EJ, Photoshop product for Deff and Hui Yi, and now, hand-drawn drawing.. hmm so what’s next? ><!


Chocolate mud cake + family pic~ but Pat is not around. =(

Block C (Seri Laka) Dinner

Sort of grand, huh? nothing much overall. Jz go there and satisfy my growling stomach (Foods are not thaaaaat nice anyway. Cafe food! What to expect. LOL.)

DSC01456 Tables and chairs arrangement. Photo from Deff who went to peep the hall before it starts. lol.


Food yang biasa-biasa. But i was hungry. So makan je lah. XD


With friends around~

Ting024Ting025 Ting027 Ting028   

And watermelons around. LOL.

I got no idea why they are so free, they came out with the idea that each wing have to come out with one watermelon design. O_O. But i escaped from being forced to involve in this, anyway. The only thing was, half of the ( i think unused) watermelon ended up in my room and the 4 of us actually finished it! Perut pecah. XD

Daphenie’s Birthday(280310)

Ting016 (2)280320103637  Mommy’s Birthday!!! Another chocolate cake (Choc Truffle this time. Yummmm) with a complete family portrait. All of us are in red as we have the Chinese BBQ party right after it. Happy 19th Birthday to our hot mommy! If not mistaken, all of us planted our kisses on her cheek. Yay! XD

Chinese Gathering- BBQ

Reached there at 6++ p.m. but since it was still early, we went to did some siao siao things like:

Lie on the field!!!!


Sisters Forever. Awwwwwww i love love love love LOVE this photo man!!!!

DSC01465Deff. Me. :)


1,2 Jump!!


Eat eat eat and eat!

Of course, the best part was not just pure food ingestion. We sang a lot of songs together as if we were in K-box. The announcement of result for the voting in our mag was another climax. LOL. Because of some really classic line from certain people and certain scene that almost made my jaw dropped. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There’s no need to mention it here. Let’s keep that among ourselves. XD XD

Overall it was a great night! Credits to the organisers. I truly enjoy spending my time with all my friends, especially when such opportunities are getting lesser when we were busy preparing for the coming finals. Although the number of Chinese here is relatively small, but when we are together, i can feel the warmth and togetherness. The moment we teased each other, looking for gossips among us, doing crazy and weird things together… These are the memories i would really remember deep in my heart.

Some actually cried at the end of event. I didn’t. Keeping my tears for the last day. Hahaha!! Gave big hugs to many people and planted kisses on my friend’s sticky cheeks. I LOVE YOU ALL! :) 


P/s: I’m such a kaki ponteng. Bwahahaha.. only for the last week of schooling life in matrics! I skipped my last Bio tutorial class, last Chemistry tutorial class, last Bio lecture, last Chem lecture, last Dinamika class, and on top of all, last MATHS LECTURE (although it is already not a compulsory attend it.) *big peace sign*