Love. Is something.


Love between family members starts since the first day we land on Earth. Parents love their children unconditionally. It is difficult for a women, which is commonly considered as the weaker sex, to carry a watermelon-weighted object all around for 9 months, and endure the unbearable pain during labour to deliver the child. (Oh trust me, if you are a bio student, and learnt about fertilisation, and actually watched the video of women giving birth, you are so gonna appreciate your mom. Seriously.). And it is not the end yet. The continuous yells and cries from the baby is a steady assault to most people’s nerve, yet the parents bear with it without complaints. For they love their children, they want their children to grow up as a well being and contribute to the society.

When we love our parents, we appreciate what they have done to us. Especially when you are parted from home, you will realise it even more. You will start to miss your mom’s healthy + far-more-delicious cooking like hell (I bet ALL my college friends are going to nod their heads off when their eyes land on this line). When you are back for vacation, they will pamper you, buying everything you need (in fact, MORE than that), always ensure that you are having the best things, bringing you to everywhere you want.. Believe me, when you are living away from your parents, you would feel the warmth of family even more. The Chinese saying that “身在福中不知福”is true indeed. At least for me, when my parents hugged me before i left home and head to the stupiak Changloon again, i can feel the warmth deep in my heart. And although i’m ALWAYS complaining about my irritating brothers, i certainly don’t want any misfortune to happen on them (although i’m harping that i want to give them away for the sake of my ears). I feel that when the older one was admitted to the hospital after being suspected with H1N1.

Love between friends are just the same. True friends are someone that share happiness and sadness together with you. When you are down, they are the one who give you hugs, asking you to stay strong, and give some words of advice. Although you did not meet up with each other for months, you still got whole loads of stories to share with them. (And when you have updates regarding your relationship status, they seems OH-SO-EXCITED, maybe more than you do. Ah.. i know, i know. ). True friends are people that are willing to listen to your complains over the phone and listen to your sobs even though you two are almost..700km away? True friends are not fully dependent on the period of acquaintance, but the faith that bring us together and understand each other in detail. Sometimes, friends understand you better than you do. And without friends, we (or at least, me) will be no one. Is the bond and love between us that hold us tight through all the obstacles in life! A BIG thanks to you guys.

Definition of love between couple varies according to individuals. Love is when you are absolutely comfortable in communicating with another half. Love is when you appreciate the person without thinking whether he/she fits your ideal-bf/gf characteristics. You don’t care whether he knows how to play the white grand piano in white suit like prince. You don’t care whether she is so freaking pretty and she makes you so damn proud when you bring her, a living Barbie to shopping. You don’t care whether he can sing a love song to melt your heart into puddles, or whether he has a body figure like Jacob in Twilight (lol), or whether he can perform superb and eye-dropping skills in basketball. Love is when even the slightest thing can warm your heart. Be it a short message that reminds you have your blankets on during a cold night, or a reminder not to skip meal although you are dieting so you are not getting gastrics, or a scolding in a jokingly tune for sleeping too late. Something small can have big meanings, and you do not even need any bombastic romantic moves to warm your heart. Love is when both parties do not mind each other’s past and accept each other whole-heartedly, additionally, try to mend any scar left on the heart. Love is when both parties remain as best friends even though it is an official relationship, for you do not hide any problem from each other to prevent them from bursting suddenly after long accumulation. Love is when you believe in the future in this relationship even though it is going to be a hard one. Love, is when you trust, understand and accept all the pros and cons of the person.

I love you, people! :)