idontknowwhattoputastheTITLE. :)

Random life. Random thing. Thus, random post.

Just to keep my blog not dead more than a week. :)

  1. Bio Day was held on last weekend and i helped Hui Yi as her game master. I must say, this must be the most kolian game master, EVER! This game require the contestants to draw biology figures with brush dipped in ink using their mouth. At the same time, the evil monster, EJ will splash water from above to make them wet. As as the fortunate game master, well, i got splashed for 6 times because there were 6 groups! With calligraphy inks splashed up on my face and hands, transforming me into a monster. Hahahaha!

    Nevertheless, it was fun although it is quite tiring. Initially i wanted to enter the hall to scare Deff who is having his Green City competition there, but apparently i was too wet to enter the hall. LOL. Fine then. XD
  2. The college authority blocked the freaking website with is next most important than my blog: FACEBOOOOOOOOOOOK! OhMyGosh! It means i only can go for profile-hopping during weekends with EJ’s broadband. Sad, sad, SAD!
  3. Did the craziest thing ever in KMC: danced in the rain! Oh not exactly the rain, but the water splasher thingy. In the beginning i was copying my Chem notes near the field before Deff sat down to talk with me. Oh the late evening breeze~ love it. So contrast with the weather during the day! Anyway, suddenly we spotted some familiar figures doing weird thing at the field, so being the playful us, we went to join them and tada! Everyone was drenched in the end. Oh! Oh! i love that thing! Although i was shivering hard after that. Looks like i’m really despo for rain now. XD
  4. Few days after fooling with the water sprinkle it actually rained! OH-MY-GOD! However i was fully drenched as i was coming back from outing that time. I’m actually willing to walk under such heavy downpour! Why am i doing all these crazy stuffs recently.. Collecting memories before i leave huh?

I guess that’s all for the very random updates. You know, just keeping my blog from dying. XD