I am happy and unhappy


Oh eye-bags. Oh big-small eyes. Ah, whatever la.

Deff said i look sleepy in the photo. The actual fact was i just woke up not long after my afternoon nap! That’s the effect of waking up at 5 every morning huh? (When the rest actually consider 6am as early.)


I’m happy because i’m getting used to my hair (after like.. a month???) and my dearest hair is displaying an excellent rate of growth, in the progress of resuming to normal-looking hairstyle, biding farewell to lala-mui+alien hairstyle (lol). Neh, i know i am lying to myself. According to scientific investigation (gah), hair only grows by few centimetres every month. So just let me syiok sendiri. :)

I’m happy because i have a great accompany. To share my histories, stories, thoughts, complains, gossips, and the evening breeze. ;) ;) ;) Ok i shall not elaborate more or my blog readers will have the tendency to click on the [x] button. Nyahaha.

I’m happy because i had a great time with my sisters even though it was less than 2 hours. Gosh, everyone has been so busy, it was actually hard to really meet up and talk even though we are living under the same roof (Block B & Block C? Same roof? xD). Went for badminton with EJ, Ying Sze and Ade last weekend and became the most insane group in the hall. It was like last minute we were exerting full force on the racket, and at the next moment the four of us (or rather, 3, excluding the innocent victim i.e. Ying Sze) slumped on the floor, pressing our palms hard against our stomach/ floor, opened our mouth wide, and BURST OUT IN LAUGHTER. Thanks to all those amusing pose of EJ and those crazy descriptive terms regarding something. *OMG i feel like giggling while typing this*. We kept laughing till i actually cried. LOL! This is known as “Double exercise-badminton + laughing”. Peace.

I’m happy because i get to eat home-cooked dishes after so long! (So long= a month. lol) It was Hui Yi’s birthday on Tuesday, so her parents and relatives came to pay her a visit at here in KMK with FOOOOOOOOOOOOODS. Home-cooked dishes such as fried noodles, fish fillets, mushroom with meat, CURRY CHICKEN (DAMN-I-MISS-MY-MOM).. Even the watermelon tasted so freaking juicy. We, too had cupcakes and fruit cake! My taste bud regain satisfaction again after so long. HAHAHAHA! So gonna thanks Hui Yi’s parents. And this birthday girl was so happy, she kept smiling  at everywhere she made her existence. And you-know-lah, she kept on repeating that she was very happy and touched, she would be too happy to sleep, yada yada yada.. I really feel like giggling whenever she did that. LOL. She’s just so funny. Random Queen, Happy Birthday once again!

Ting004Ting000 Ting010


I’m unhappy because I’m having the worst lecturer for my Maths lecture. It has been awhile since i hated an adult so so so so much because this PARTICULAR lecturer just like to annoy his students with those corny jokes and discouraging words. Additionally, he is inhuman for paksa-rela his students to ruin their own stomach by the excessive secretion of gastric juice because he just LOVE to have extra class during LUNCH HOUR. He has those smirk on face that makes me want to throw my milk-white kuliah shoes to him (although i know my shoes are too soft to cause any severe damage to him). I’m also unhappy because i CAN’T focus in his class as he is so god-damn irritating! Besides looking down at the ability of his students, he teaches wrong things at times and protests that he just want to test us. Arrogant sial. I mean, what the hell?

However, now maths lecture is officially a free period for me. No, i’m skipping class. My body is in the small lecture hall but i soul is obviously not there (lol). Correction: my soul is still in lecture hall but i’m drown in my own world, booming my brain with songs through earphone, and well, do my own thing ignoring almost every single word spoke by the annoying creature. Oh peace. =.=V


The the overall trend of my mood is: unhappy during lecture hours, happy after lecture hours. Typical student. XD

Hope my happiness can neutralise my unhappiness. Wohoo! =P


Colour up your life,

Ting067  And LOVE your life! :)

Sometimes, it feels like dreaming..Who will expect imagination to turn into reality so soon? :)

From the bottom of my heart, i finally know how to define love.