Biding Farewell?

Life is as usual. Hectic and filled with tutorial works. Don’t feel like study the ongoing chapters because i will forget. Don’t feel like revising the previous chapters because i will forget TOO. So what should i do? The perfect answer: SLACK.

Oh lifeless me.

It is stepping into March already, which mean i’m going to say a big bye-bye with a evil smile carved on my face, for there is no more unhealty + disgustingly oily food, no more strict + annoying + unreasonable rules to be obeyed at dorm, no more killer-weather…so, YAY! YAY YAY YAY and YAY!

Oh wait. That’s not the entire truth.

When i heard the announcement that all students MUST (M.U.S.T!!!) leave the college compound right after the last day of examination before 7.00pm on 14 April 2010, i’m definitely not happy. I mean, i still love KL life, and i definitely DO NOT want to have the rest of my life stuck at this ulu place called Changlun. But i can’t help it.

I’m going to miss my buddies over here so much!

I understand that my close girlfriends were all from KL and Selangor, so there is actually no need to get moody over it. Yet, frankly speaking, it is not going to be the same. Majority of my high school besties were still in KK, yet we did not hang out really often. So how about my friends here that is scattered all around in Selangor and KL? It is going to be hard.

Furthermore, i have friends from other states, like Penang. Holy crap. That would be even harder to meet up in the future.

Such thoughts are pulling me deep into depression once again. I swear when i heard the announcement for the 1st time, it almost send tears down my cheeks. Seriously. God knows why am i so emotional at such moment.

I’m afraid to be parted from certain important homo sapien-s in my life. =(

And the college authority is just so cruel. Can’t they just let us stay for another night in KMK? The last night where we can sleepover in one room and chat for the whole night without worrying about undone homeworks. Just that one last time? =(

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Saddening la weih.

11 months back i’m screaming and yelling that i would never ever want to step into matrics. And now? Sigh… I’m just an ordinary human.

I bet many of my friends over here cannot wait for the arrival of that day. To flee back and never step into this place again that they hated so much. They must feel weird why am i feeling depressed instead of excited over it?

I can’t feel excited entirely. I hate letting go the happiness i’m having now. =S

So appreciate what i have now. Appreciate every single moment, appreciate the chance to loiter around together, have lunch together, sleepover together, yada yada yada..


  1. weih.....farewell is part of the life...i can't help but feel sad too....jiayou ba!!!


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