Antheridium and Archegonium live happily ever after!

Taylor Swift says: “You’ll be my prince and i’ll be your princess, it’s a love story, babe just say yeah~”

Yi Ting says: “You’ll be my antheridium and i’ll be your archegonium, it’s a love story, babe just say.. YEAH!”

Awww.. Isn’t that sweet? A new way of expressing your affection to your love ones, particularly for Life Science students!


Marchantia sp.

Awwwwww~ Aren’t them adorable? If i have the chance to pay Cameron Highland a visit now, i’ll pluck ‘em out and make them my bookmarks! Hahahahaha!

Antheridium=male gametophyte
Archegonium=female gametophyte.
Marchantia sp. is a diecious plant where the male and female parts are separated on different plant. :)

It’s gonna be so sweet if you are using a Marchantia sp. archegonium bookmark and your another half is using the antheridium one! So much better than those 521 1314 thingy or those heart-break-into-half key chain. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Oh kay. I’m kidding about that. Look what the chapter Biodiversity has done to me. @.@

Staring blankly at lecture notes is so enervating, so i went online to look for some beautiful photos and tada! here are some of it!

e.coli, eubacteria, monera4

E.coli! Something that lives in your body and help in milk digestion (oh-i-must-have-ton-of-this). And it has a beautiful full name: Escherichia coli. Woot. I’m going to name my daughter as Escherichia next time. XD

plasmodium,apicomplexa,protozoa,protista2     Red blood cell infected by malaria. Woooot!

tubellaria(planaria sp)5,platyhelminthes,animaliaThe super adorable Planaria sp.! I don’t know why, it reminds me of… pendrive. I would love to have a pendrive with such design! LOL!

Sponge Bob Sponge Bob Square Pants Happy Family~ =.=V

And ya, next time when you want to order mushroom fried rice, remember to say “Can i have a.. Agaricus Fried Rice please? :)” I wonder what will the reaction of waiter be. O__O

I’m getting insane already. @_@



Oh-Miss-Yi-Ting is currently addicted to oh-hand-doodling. lol.  Whenever i see my hand…. i feel like decorating it. LOL. As if my silver fingernails and not enough (oh they ARE not enough! XD)