Picture0004New member of the YT’s-Plushies Family. Or i should say, the 3rd member of the family? :) Thanks~

*The colour looks like Patrick the STARfish in Sponge Bob. LOL!*


It actually RAINED in KMK since last Sunday. O___O OHMIGOSH-SO-UNBELIEVABLE-AFTER-1-WHOLE-BLOODY-MONTH! When the first raindrop brought by the wind touched my cheeks, i was actually chewing the fat with EJ at the playground of lecturer’s place. [CHEW the fat! CHEW Sheen Yeen! xD ok this is totally random] I got so excited that i actually feel like playing in the rain. LOL. Nevertheless, considering myself as a rational person (+ the laziness to bathe for the 2nd time), i did not do so. =P


Ting005 Woot! My purple spermiiee. Comel kan? *HAHAHAHAHAHA*

It sounds so wrong. I’m not even a sperm-producing organism. O__O


To all my blog readers (esp the loyal ones..i bet the number is countable with my fingers) :


Maybe one day the hand-doodling art can become a lucrative business like nail art. HAHAHA!


Hectic week coming soon! oh-my-gosh!

P/s: I still think my new hairstyle is quite weird. Boo.