How to Spend Your Chinese New Year with Webcam and Camera

Thurs, 11-02-10

camwhoreWebcam #1

Waiting (somehow alone) to leave the college for my Chinese New Year break. Apparently, very bored, super bored, extremely bored. So i fooled with my webcam. XD

Friday, 12-02-10 


Had a dim sum trip all the way to Bukit Jalil with Sheen Yeen, Mandy, Charlotte, Keith, Jacky, Kai Jing and Bobo the day right after i came back to KK. Wohoo!

*note Mandy’s expression in the photo at the left. XD*

Went to Sunway Pyramid after the dim sum breakfast for bowling. The girls were leading at first so we clamoured for the guys to treat us if we win (but we did not at the end. T_T). Anyway, Lotte treated us at Pao Bing after bowling. Thanks a bunch!!!

webcam1Webcam #2

On the way to Johor. It was the first time i brought a laptop back to hometown and tada! we maximize the use of a laptop with webcam: CAMWHORE! Lol. Of course, that 2 camera-shy brothers of mine were somehow being forced by me. *Mandy’s glory peace sign* That’s what we did besides playing cho dai di in the car and finished up 1 big tin of Jasper’s. 3 eating-monsters. O_O

Saturday, 13-02-10, CNY eve


Webcam #3

Taken in dad’s side home before the reunion dinner. That is Xiao Hui at the right, Xiao Qi in the middle and their stupiak cousin sis at the left. :) Not long after we fooled with the webcam, my other aunts and uncle actually joined us. Hahaha!

P1150039 Ting003

Other camwhore photos with my extremely adorable cousin sisters. We are the red gang wohoo! Initially they were suspicious of me at the first glance as it had been a year since they last saw me, and i bet they remember me. Nevertheless, we re-clicked almost immediately after we fooled with webcam and brought them for a little stroll on the road. See? i have affinity towards children, and they have affinity towards me. =P

They are so cute i want to stay with them, larh!

Sunday, 14-02-10, 1st day CNY + VDay


Wohoo~I stood up high near the gate side like a mad woman just to capture nice photo. :) Luckily i managed to capture the photo above, which i’m quite satisfied with! *The colour reminds of Cadbury chocolate, i don’t know why. I WANT CHOCOLATE!* The spammed fireworks lasted for more than 10 minutes and they were freaking near to me. O_O I like them! :)

If only I’m watching them in your arms. Too bad you can’t extend your arms like Inspector Gadget. Hahaha!

Ting014First day of Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day. My CNY attire~ =P *with half of my bro’s head behind. He is so gonna kill me if he knows. lol*

Personally i think it is a TROUBLE instead of a BLESS for this 2 big event to fall on the same day. If it is me, i would definitely be in dilemma in deciding whether to meet up with other family members or spending my day with the special him. Surprisingly mom said “of course boyfriend la, you can see your family members anytime”…..but i would only meet up with my cousins once in a year!

Whatever it is. Not like i have to make the decision for this year. =P And the next time for this phenomenon to happen again would be after 30++ years.

Pada masa tu saya sudah jadi nenek tua dengan giginya tinggal tua. *burung~ kakak~ tua~*

Bwahaha! I couldn’t imagine that scene!

Back to topic:

P1150226 P1150227

The Miss Tee-s Unite!

All the Miss Tee (郑小姐) in the family! Only can meet them once in a year, so have to grab the chance to snap photos, photos and more photos! Say yay to mirror-camwhore. xD


I love this photo! Squeeeeeeeeeze and Smileeeeeeeeee. So funny. Can only see half of Xiao Hui’s head, though. Kelian the lil ones. Haha!

My sweetest Valentine’s Day ever. :)

Monday, 15-02-10, 2nd day of CNY

S’pore one-day-trip! Lazy to type much. Let the photos do the talkingP1150309Me and mommy with the small version of S’pore’s trademark: LION!


@ the river side which is helding this 春到河畔 thingy. lol.


Deco in one of the mall. Love is in the air! :)


@ Sentosa. Just to walk around and take some random photos. Didn’t go to Universal Studio, though. Clockwise: The view of sea from the tower, the super-packed bridge, Songs of the Sea (which i didn’t get to watch as it starts at night), and tents at the beachside. One day i will do like this too. WHO WANT TO JOIN ME TO CAMP AT THE BEACHSIDE?



P1150443  2-in-1 bus. I’m quite jakunated by it. LOL!

More photos snapped by the jakun Yi Ting will appear in Facebook. :)

Tuesday, 16-02-10, 3rd day of CNY

Nothing much. Went to Jusco Tebrau City with the intention to have my haircut, but failed. I couldn’t find any saloon! My problem, or the mall’s problem? =S

Nevertheless, managed to purchase a pretty skirt at the price of RM10 only. OMG. Freaking cheap. So kinda neutralised my sadness and disappointment. XD

My hair is still bushy and dry and “have knots at the end” and…whatever. =(

Wednesday, 17-02-10, 4th day of CNY

Happy 19th Birthday,

Deffrey Chuah Chun Ee!

蔡浚淯 you old man. Bwahaha! =P

bday2 (gif) This is the real (and clearer) version compared to that which i MMS-ed to him (which he placed in his blog). That one, i don’t know why, the backgroud looks like some sort of smudged purple poop. LOL. *gross*

P1150532P1150545 P1150558P1150562

On the way out to jalan-jalan, we passed by Horizon Hill which is also under Garmuda, my dad’s company. So, encouraged by kepoh-ness, my mom suggested to visit their clubhouse (and compare it with the KK clubhouse, Kota Permai Golf Country Club). Aww~ The scenery is undeniably nicer than the KK one (even the toilet! O_O). Nevertheless, we should always be satisfied of what we have, right? XD


After that we went to Kukup, a fishing village. Nothing much. Had seafood for dinner, though. Love the steam fish! Fresh & yummy.. Mmmmm~

Oh wait. STOP describing about food. I jz told my mom that I AM DETERMINED TO SLIM DOWN. LOL. Do you believe me? XD

Thursday, 18-02-10, 5th day of CNY

Picture0012 Webcam #4


Oh-kay… it is not really clear in this photo. I don’t know whether it is a good thing or not. Or i’m just not used to it yet? Guess i should spend more time staring my own mirror reflection from now onward (oh well, it sounds idiotic). I think some people might consider it as a bit of lala-ish? Nevertheless, we should try different things when we are still young. XD

Few days back i jokingly suggested that “lets go MCD and try the Prosperity Burger (Chicken)!” and we really did so today. O_O However, it is obviously not as appetizing as it is advertised on TV. Too much pepper! I had planted slight hatred towards pepper-ish food since i went to KMK because the foods are added with so much peppers as if the peppers are FREE. Especially SOUP. Grosssssss.

Friday, 19-02-10, (consider)LAST DAY OF HOLIDAY!


Departed to home sweet home in KK.

Everytime when it is the last day of holiday, i’ll be in such depressed mood. I bet the other KMK-ians are in the same boat with me.

Will be flying back to college early in the morning. Till i fully return to KK again. Chao!

P/s: It must be a miracle if you are able to read the WHOLE BLOODY LONG POST without missing any words. XD