Hehe and Haha.


Haha. Total random. Suddenly found out that laptop’s screen can be a mirror to camwhore too! BWAHAHA!

Ting047 The moon on Sunday night.. I DID NOT edit this photo before! And it is captured with my lousy 1.5megapixel phone’s cam, yet it is still so magnificent. As bright as the mirror~

 Image074 Ting040

Before and after of my poor poor matric card. Kepala saya botak sudah. Nah! Blame my room key from knocking against it whenever i walk with them hanging around my neck. Blame..blame..kinetic force/frictional force/inertia. Whatever.


Yi Ting is looking for the Rain God. Who want to volunteer himself/herself to be the sacrifice? :))


I’m looking forward to a cloudy evening where it is neither sunny nor raining;

where the mind wild blow against my cheeks, i let down my bushy hair, and they dance in the wind;

...where i can attack the children’ swing at the lecturer’s residential area, swinging it as high as possible, letting go all my worries;

where i stroll around the campus with my buddies, having a heart-to-heart talk, or laugh our lungs off at random jokes;

..where i stand at astaka, singing aloud as if i'm in the karaoke room.

I hope and i wish.

Then i doubt the probability of this scene to happen before my Chinese New Year break. Gah.

Who want to join me for the little stroll around the college compound by that time? =)