English Carnival~

Organised by the English lecturers of the college, this English Carnival were held in the college with various activities. Poster Drawing Competition, Poem Crafting Competition, Voice of KMK (singing competition), Scrabble, Boogle, Win Lose or Draw, Treasure Hunt, Story-telling Competition, Choral Speaking Competition, Drama Competition *gasp gasp*… there are just too many to be listed down!

Ting008Ting013 Ting014 Ting015

Some photo of the amazing decorations! Did not involve in decoration for this event, though. Nevertheless, these deco-s are undeniably CUTE! It really makes you feel as if you are living under the sea. XD

Chapter 1: Poster Drawing Competition


Enchantment Under the Sea

Grouped with Adeline and Ying Sze (yes, A.G.A.I.N! We are partners for everything that is associated with designing: Merdeka Banner, Pot Decorating, Kolam, even CNY design team!). The team is Enchantment Under the Sea and tada! This is our result. Sort of last minute planning and it works. XD Aww i love my mermaid and her boobs. =P


Me, Ying Sze, Ade. Yay! We got 2nd place out of the 5 participating groups and i am very satisfied with it. Because after looking at this piece of artwork….:


…  i know we are going to lose…

Nah, just kidding. This group got the first place and they truly deserve it. Because it is so impressive! Love the sea especially. And the corals. They look really real like photography! If they can improvise on the wordings, i believe this will be a near-perfect artpiece. =D

Ting005Artwork of Qian Peng, Chair and Adrian. I love the dolphin~ So cute~ Nice blending of colours too! They got 3rd.. good job! =)

So.. hamper-open ceremony again, anyone?

Chapter 2: Performance for Voice of KMK

Let’s change a mood.

Singing is easy. Everyone can sing. Just open your mouth and trigger your voice box. And there you are: you sang something.

Singing well is hard. Performing this particular skill of human is even more dreadful. So i got no idea why i promised Hui Yin to help her without making much consideration. Perhaps i was too obsessed with this song:

Only Hope by Mandy Moore.

When EJ and Wei Ling were watching this movie called A Walk to Remember at a night before my sem break starts, i was not paying attention to it in the beginning. Until this singing parts came it, and i was like: WOW. I was truly fascinated and mesmerised by her angelic voice! The song is like a very beautiful story, told by an angle. I almost forget about the existence of this song until i accidentally heard it again from EJ’s laptop while i was PR-ing at her room. And yea, i fall for it almost immediately.

Initially i enjoy listening to this song so much, to an extend that i listen to it for almost 5 times in a day, and tried to learn it even though i was having a stuffy nose. I enjoy humming the song after dinner, while i was during my laundry, while i was taking a little stroll at the corridor…

But on the stage? That’s terrifying.

I’m confused of what’s wrong with me. Initially i confidently accept the offer the perform this song on stage. And then the more i practise, the further i am from my initial feeling when i was singing this song: i start to care about my pitch, my techniques, my fear of forgetting the lyrics..everything. The more i practise, the more i feel like a totally idiot. Because i just CAN’T..CAN’T and CAN’T sing a quarter as good as Mandy Moore. I’m like a toad singing such a wonderful piece of music, and i’m going to ruin the whole thing. I’m trembling hard in my heart and it sucks. =(

I want to apologize to my dearest friends, especially EJ, Xuan Lin, Deffrey, Hui Yi and Lana. Sorry for making you guys worry about me.. Thanks for giving me the strength..love you guys a bunch! I’m such a idiot for saying those irresponsible words..the Devil of Fear has completely conquered me. Eeeekk!

Oh kay.. the foregoing part was written BEFORE the show and now I’m writing this after the show. It was terrible. I was  absolutely alright before the performance until i was waiting for my turn when Hui Yin was singing. And that’s it: I started to shiver so so SO BADLY. When i was singing on stage, i was trembling so hard. My hands, my legs, and every single part of me were shaking!!!!


So when my turn was over, i was still shivering at the backstage. After that, i sat emo-ing at the side door instead of joining my friend to watch the show. When i went back to EJ’s room….

i cried. =(

Imma such a cry baby, i know. But i just couldn’t control my tears when i was describing how bad was my performance to EJ. And my darlings were trying their best to comfort me… Once again, to my dearest friends, sorry for making you guys worry about me! So, so sorry..

..especially to EJ who was counting down her remaining minutes as a 18-year-old teen.


Smelly EJ the old lady IS TURNING 19!!!!

I felt absolutely OK again after breaking down in front of you. You are always the one i can count on. At here, you are the one who is sharing most of my worries (and gossip. Piak you la.lol.)

Do enjoy the little present i gave you. <3 you lots and lots and lots!