Ting031 Ting030

First is pink, then is green!

Hehe. This not an early Valentine gift, if you are having that thought in your head. The pink one is a souvenir from Cameron Highland, given by my bio tutor to all of us. And the green one is a small gift for getting 18/20 for my bio quiz. LOL! Sweets, diabetes-causing monster. =P

Your sms-es taste sweeter than them. *throw back head and laugh*

Ting029 New bedside deco. Puzzle piece! :)

Really, really anticipate for next week to arrive. Anticipating for Chinese New Year more than Valentine’s Day, though. Have not been celebrating Valentine’s Day for so many years, and i guess it will be the same for this year..hmm?

Whatever it is, I’m very excited to step into my grandpa’s house and baby-talk with my baby cousins again! Hope that two little ones could still recognise this big sis that only see them once/twice in a year. Boo~

Did not blog about Deepavali Night because i am (sadly) lack of photos. Overall, the performances were great! Congrats to the committee-s! Again, it is fun looking at others dressed up nicely on that night. XD

Once again, in case I don’t have the chance to online next week, I hereby send an early wish: Happy Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day to my blog reader’s out there! :)

P/s: Feel like changing my phone (at last). Any suggested model? Main requirement: Tahan jatuh. ><!


怎么会开始对你有了感觉 深陷朋友恋人之间的危险

进与退 被爱包围  谁犯规 都狼狈

谁能解围 让一切完美…

-光良&江美琪 《对你有感觉》