You make me so hot.


Yea, THE WEATHER IN KEDAH, YOU make me feel soooooooo HOT!

I feel as if i’m gonna die of dehydration for any moment. And when i am doing my laundry at 5 in the evening, i felt as if i’m mad person: the freaking sun shine directly on my back, i can feel it burning. Gah. The worse thing would be what the UV light might do my my skin.

Sad. Don’t even say i’m fair anymore. So, so NOT. =(

Sometimes my heart is like Kedah’s weather: passionate and cheerful. Sometimes it is a cloudy day: mood-less. Sometimes there is drizzle: emo. Sometimes, well, the storm is roaring in my heart.

LOL. That will be when I’m trying to do any crazy-level Maths question. XD

How come Kedah’s weather can’t just be like the weather in my heart? =S

Signing-off. I HAVE to eat even though i’m not really hungry now. I managed to control myself from activating my monster-eating mode! Good thing, huh? =)

Info Hunt on Saturday! Can’t wait. Heh.

P/s: Can i invert the hourglass now? Return to my toddler-years. The adult-world is too complicated for me to step into it.