Triple M: MUET, Mid Valley, Maths.

M nombor satu: MUET.

Frankly speaking, i totally forgot that i have to check its result when i woke up in the morning. All i’ve been thinking was “OH YAY WEE YEAH YIPEE WAHAHA I’M GOING MID VALLEY LATER”. Until a sudden thought struck me and reminded me to check the result. Gah. So i sent the sms without knowing whether the clock has struck 9 or not. Blur betul. And after messing around with my earrings and necklace, i heard the (sad) Aeries Theme message tone of my phone so i just picked it up and press the read button and…

Stunt there for a moment. Stared at the phone with a “o.O” look.

Eh? BAND 5?

I was expecting a 4.Will be sad if a get a 3. Hoping to get a 5 but know it is hard to achieve.

And i know the standard of my lousy English. I believe my blog readers understand this better than i do through the way i write in blog (lol). And i thought Band 4 will be a.. umm.. more appropriate band that reflect my level of English? Additionally, i got a B for English in my finals of first sem. Even though it is not considered during the intake of universities but still! A B! Bee. Lebah. Mi Feng.

Which explain why i felt so dubious of the result displayed in my phone. I doubt it’s truth more than feeling excited over it.

So, quickly, i on my laptop, intending to double-check the result online but the website was bloody laggy. LOL. Deffery was the first who approached me in Facebook so he was the first to know my result (lol. Be proud of that! XD). And Facebook told me that the KMK-ians are really excited and anticipating for the result. Unlike me. Gah.

And after multiple attempts finally this thing appeared in the website:


Umm. So it was true afterall???

It was true afterall.


OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH *slap myself 3 times*.

Just messaged my English lecturer, Miss Yana to show my appreciation and she replied me something funny. Haha. She’s just so sweet! Luck angel must be at my side for she is my English lecturer for 2 semesters. Whee~

P/s: This post is not intended to, umm, show off about my result. I’m just depicting about my feelings and the whole incidents. Sincere apologize from the blogger if it hurt or annoyed anyone. =S


M nombor dua: Mid Valley.

Almost a complete sister-trip if Allana and Fiona join us too. Fiona got gastric on one night before so she couldn’t join the fun. =( Take care girl!

Overall we went there to jalan-jalan without watching any movie or playing bowling. Jalan-jalan is nice la. Ade and Pat must feel like punching us for the queued half way and we told them we decided not to watch any movie after being undecided of which movie to watch. lol.

Here are some random photos:

19778_242573353847_538053847_3327088_2595017_nPeh Ge, Ade, Hui Yi, me, Xuan Lin, and Daph. And Ee Jye the invisible camera girl.

19778_242573373847_538053847_3327090_7351151_nXuan Lin, Ee Jye, me. Xuan Lin looks cute here. And EJ, now i notice your face is really,really small. lololololol.

19778_242573398847_538053847_3327094_7140439_n    Patricia the preeeeeetieeee belated-birthday girl!

 19778_242573473847_538053847_3327105_7836676_n Daph, Hui Yi, Ade, Ying Sze and EJ (with her funny siao poh facial expression lol). Oh-so-random.

Ate at Nando’s for lunch and treated myself with Baskin Robbin ice-cream. I kept on making the “Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm.MMMMMMMMM” sound when i was licking the spoon of ice-cream. It must be pretty annoying. But the ice-cream is just so-so-so-so nice!

If i can only choose one food to be kept on the Earth is MUST be ICE-CREAM!


M nombor tiga: Maths.

I write this just to remind myself that “keep out from your blog. Log out from Facebook. Turn off your laptop. Is time to finish your Maths assignment and tutorial!”

LOL. I’m suppose to finish them by today. TODAY. That’s what scribbled in my plan. And what I've done? Shopping. Peace. =.=V

Must play hard AND WORK HARD in holidays. And oh, EXCERCISE hard. Even though i’ve done nothing about it. Bohoo~

Apply nail polish first!