Miss My Laptop.


After adapting myself to my laptop, it is very, very hard to adapt myself to my PC again.

Why? Because of one word:


It is even slower than Patty Slow. *Say yay, Hui En! Finally found something that is slower than you. :) I know you love my PC now. Right right right??*

It is so slow that it take me more than 5 minutes, perhaphs 10 minutes to let the first webpage settle on the screen. The title ":::Inverted Hourglass:::" is there but my header is nowhere.


Well, at least i still have something to be used to online. Darling laptop PiPi will be off to be repaired for a few days, and if i TOTALLY CANNOT online for a few days in HOME,

...that will be a total disaster. LOL.

When i told my youngest bro about "after finish one maths question, the webpage is still not there!", he just replied me with a cool look that "I finished 3 (THREE) homeworks and Maple's main page is not even there yet". What the. Blame them la. For saving all those rubbish games on PC. Tsk tsk tsk.

Photos of my artworks are in my phone but i can't possibly bluetooth them to PC. T_T

Guess what? I just discovered my new darling: watercolour pencils. While i was hanging around in Popular, a sudden thought struck my head and i bought this small-and-only-12-colours watercolour pencils on impulse. And i love 'em! I even abandoned maths for them! Wohoo!

Boo maths. Heart watercolour pencils. Maths tutorial is boring-boring-boring. =(

P/s: Youngest bro was seeking for help to complete his KH notes and i throw him with a sentence: "Aiyaaaa... just go refer MY FORM 1 KH notes will do". And i'm NOT joking about that. I dug out my FORM ONE KH notes within 10 minutes and hurled it to him. Gah. With the "skin" going nowhere, and my relatively-neat handwritting scribbled on the fragile papers, decorated by some colourful random scribbles. Bro hates it for my notes are too colourful for him. What to do, it is Tee Yi Ting's notes. He he.

So keeping rubbish in home has it own advantage afterall, huh? :)