Info hunt and the almost-fainted me.

Imagine yourself running under the sun for 4 hours when you are not fully recovered from your illness. LOL. It kills, but i’m still alive. Haha. The weather in Kedah is so horrible, it made sick. Was almost attacked by fever and luckily this prediction did not become true. Phew.. Just some mild flu that make me feel dizzy after waking up in the morning. @.@!


If i’m alkane, i would be undergoing halogenation for n times. Too much energy supplied to break the Br-Br bond or Cl-Cl bond homolytically to form bromine/chlorine free radical and react with me! =D

*a nerd applying what she’d learnt*

Anyway, for your info, Info Hunt is organized by the librarians of the college, leaded by Fiona i.e. my 9th sis. There are 25 (TWENTY-FIVE!!!) stations overall so basically i’d ran around the college compound for more that once today. Running is not the biggest deal but the SUN! THE SHINNING SUN!!!! Arghh!! I doubt my sunblock has fulfilled it’s purpose under this BIG ROUND SUN.  

*oh-kay Yi Ting stop complaining about the sun!*

Didn’t win at the end though. So no unhealthy hamper food for us! XD. Overall the stations are fun, with some are truly exhausting. Running on the track at 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon? This last station of us is challenging my limit. Gah. That was why when i reach the finishing point in the library, i looked completely dead. As if i’m going to faint any moment. Bohoo. Tak ada stamina betul.

I’d rather do more origami! Star-folding! =P

Station 6 was challenging our patients as we spent almost 1/2 hours waiting for our turn. WTH. We would have accomplish the whole thing earlier if it wasn’t because of THAT station. Bohoo.

And through this we discovered another BIG talent of Xuan Lin: DANCING! Wohoo! As one of the station required us to dance according to the music chosen (And we got “Whine Up”. Which immediately made me thought of Mandy!). So Xuan Lin became our chronographer! Wohoo! Should have recorded it down and show the rest. XD Maybe we can conduct a “weekly dancing class” in EJ’s room and ask the 11 of us to join. Bwahaha!

Some of the few photos taken:

One of the station that required us to dress up in newspaper. Awwww~ this thing reminds me of Girl Guide. KMK Girl Guide gang, remember what the juniors did for the Girl Guide Camp last year?

Station that asked us to pose in Yoga pose. LOL.


The kinky reflexology. Ouch ouch ouch!!

*The photo of blogger with her flour-make up is too horrible so she decided not to expose it to the public. XD*

By the way the “flour-make up” reminds me of Mee Hun Ke / Pan Mee. Awwwww…. I WANT TO EAT PAN MEE!!!!

30012010025 Camwhore while waiting for station. XD

That’s all for the short update on Info Hunt. I doubt i should join the English Day Tresure Hunt next week. O____O Run around the college compound under this sun A.G.A.I.N?


Deng deng deng by-the-way~

candy caneDaphenie mama gave us this candy cane! So adorable right? Such a X’mas feel. Haha! Initially i tak sampai hati to eat it, but at the end of “Where Got Ghost?”, it has been completely sucked and digested by me. Bad Girl. Eat the whole candy cane and bit of Twisties when she is sick. Bad, bad girl.

Anyone KMK-ian has the DVD of “Wohoo!” (Da Ri Zi)? =D

P/s: i can’t imagine if me, EJ and Xuan Lin got accepted to the same U with the same course and staying in the same hostel next time…. the hostel is so going to collapse!