Happy 10th Anniversary!

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Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!

To the 3 stunning, amazing, superb females above. =)

Mandy’s personal message in MSN triggered me to write about this, despite the fact that Bio exam is in 3 days time and i’m only done with 2 chapters (!!!). Bohoo. You guys gonna come out with the same post. I don’t care! And no cheating eh…. See who’s memory space is the biggest. Bleh!

Remembering back in 2000, while i was in Standard 3, that was when my school memories truly started (i really, really forgot what i’ve done in Standard 1 and 2. I can only recall my 2 best friends, and eating nasi lemak with them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ahha. That’s all.). Back in 2000, Shaunie and Sheen Yeen joined SJK© Khe Beng, while me and Mandy were placed in the same class. Heck, Shaunie and Sheen Yeen can never, ever stop bickering over small matters. Sometime it is because of Yin Ying. Sometime it is about some trivial matters…haih, haih, both of you *shook head*. And being the orang tengah, sometimes I was at Shaunie’s side while sometime it will be Sheen Yeen. Gah! And i’m that close with Mandy back then. Because she was the friend of my “enemy” *HAHAHAHAHAHA* and she is not sincere in writing my autograph book *HAHAHAHAHAHAHA again*. Hmph, Mandy, hmph! And back then, we have all sorts of stupiak activities. Me and Sheen Yeen made our own dustbin, with mine being disposed without my permission when we changed to another classroom *T_T*. Lots of competitions like “Best Signature Competition"”, “Best left-hand Writting”, etc. We even have this Secret Book, and the secret recipe of creating our own 香豆 with rubber pieces. Gahh!

Starting from Standard4, me and Mandy were fated to sit together and our friendships starts from here. We draw comics, with my distorted drawing of kissing lips (yea la Mandy, i know it is very funny. LOL). Nevertheless, Mandy is my sifu to my today’s artworks (even though still not very nice, though). Together, 4 of us gone through our primary school years, go for trips together, created this sisterhood called “The seventh sisters”. Me as mushroom, Shaunie as watermelon, Sheen Yeen as chili and Mandy as Tomato (No wonder she loves tomate ketchup so much!). I remember Mandy being sesat in the Ostrich Farm, where she mistaken someone else as me and rub her fingers on that person after she touched the snake. HAHAHAHAHA!! Not forgetting the time we went for Kuching~

Later it was SMK Kota Kemuning. Me and Shaunie (together with Peh Ge) were placed in 1 Aranda, while Sheen Yeen and Mandy in 1 Doritis. Kinda sad, though. Yet, our friendship remained, as we met up during recess time and koko time, Mandy polluting our mind with all sorts of hamsap comics, bully me by associating with the person i hate hate hate in primary school (Mandy, Shaunie, PehGe the pembuli-s!). Haha!

It remained so until Form3. Shaunie remained as my best friends, someone who i share secrets with, someone who know the whole list the guys i liked back then (lol). Fortunately in Form4, 4 of us were in the same class again. Mandy became more and more sesat. Sheen Yeen became more and more like a small kid (negative growth, perhaps?). Nevertheless, we still remained close even though we were in diff class for 3 years. Sheen Yeen, my one and only la gong, is the only person who is so xin ling xiang tong with me, and the incidents were really funny at times. Mandy is always the joker until now. Haha! And Shaunie, a trustable friend who give me many words of advices in my high school life, especially in relationship-related stuffs. Heart you guys, LOTS!

Not forgetting the time we carried out all the Girl Guide activities. The moment of being a Girl Guide remained as one of the most interesting moments in my high school life. Even after SPM, we went loitering around together. Our Langkawi trip! And me, Mandy, Sheen Yeen the Lifeless Trio. Haha! We even ended up as Miss Tee, Miss Chong and Miss Chew in Xiao Dou Dou. Haha!

Now, i’m in Kedah, Sheen Yeen in Catholic High School, Mandy in Sunway College and Shaunie in SMK SS17. I hope distance is not the barrier between us. I believe it is not! When we meet up after some times, gossiping about each others present situation, recalling back the memories, there are such a warming moment.

Once again,

Happieeeee 10th Anniversary, babes!

<3 you guys.


AND I WANT TO LISTEN TO GOSSIPS! WOHOO! *recent sms with Sheen Yeen made me even more excited to go back to KK…..because i want to GOSSIP! WOOTZ!*