Gathering is always fun. =D


Date: 9 Jan 2010.

Time: i don’t even know the exact time it starts. lol.

Venue: Marcus’s house.

Activity: Talk, talk and more TALK!

Overall it is an gathering of graduates of year 08. And gathering are always aweeeeesome! Well, at least, it saved my time to arrange another meeting up among my darlings to catch up with each other~ Exchanging stories is always fun, teasing people is always exciting. And, wow, quite a number of people actually brought their another half to the party too. ;D


 ~Me, Hui En, Mandy, Sheen Yeen~


Sheen Yeen, as usual, withe her small kid face. It is hard to associate the term “upper-six girl” which sounds so, umm, mature, to her. XD

Mandy, who gets prettier and prettier everytime i come back and see her. OMIGOSH I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (X10000) YOUR HAIR. Aww… wonder when i would have the chance to have like hers. Not cutting my hair this time is perhaps a good step to go. Haha!

Hui En a.k.a the KK Patricia Low (ahha, Miss Patty Slow said that herself!) was being thrown the SAME question by almost everyone who see her. It proves that news spread fast even though we are no longer schooling together!


~Peh Ge, me, Audrey, Shaunie~

Best-est friends in Form1~3

P1140776 P1140777  

Audrey, still so pretty and charming. And when i was making guesses about the course she is taking currently after dropping the Garmuda Scholarship, bingo! The first answer is the correct one: Mass Com!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAH! This prove that how much i’m concerned about my friends. BOOO SHAUNIE BOOOOOOOOO! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Shaunie, the kissing monster (clearly portrayed in the photo XD XD). Had good chat with her during the party. Miss the time we be in the same class for like.. 10 years?? Continuously! Amazing!

Oh PehGe mana you? I just realise i didn’t take a camwhore pic with you! Maybe i should just dig one photo of us from my KMK file. XD

Friendship do not disappear just like that even though you did not meet up with each other for months, or years. =)

<3 you guys.

P/s: Teenage-face-problem plagued me again. Booo pimples. Why do you reappear on me when i’m on the way shifting to the adult phase????

Gotta STOP myself from eating choc. No choc. No ice-cream. No oily foods. NO BREAD after returning to college. Reduce the intake of biscuits for they make us stupid. Yada, yada.

I doubt i can stick to this for long. Blehhhh.


Oh yea, not forgetting to mention, this bunch of siao poh got really excited when they saw me wearing this “sandals-Tee”. Their instinct? Try to stuff their fingers into that pair of un-wearable sandals! No~~~~ full protection!! XD