“Admire” , “like” and “love” are 3 terms with distinct meanings.

You admire someone because of his/her personalities. Perhaps he/she fits the criteria of your so-called “ideal boyfriend/girlfriend”. Perhaps he or she is so talented and that caught your attention. Perhaps you are thinking “My dream guy/girl would not exist in reality, for people with these characteristics have extinct.” It will only stay in my imagination” and woot, suddenly that particular guy/girl with those criteria appeared in front of you, and it made you question yourself: “am i in my dream?”

And then you consider yourself as “falling into him/her”.

But, strictly speaking, you don’t even know him/her. You are just amazed by those exterior stuffs. Their appearance, or talents that they carry. You don’t even understand him/her in detail.

So how do you consider yourself as “like” or even “love” someone when you don’t even talk much to that person?

Hence and therefore, “love at first sight” is crappy. I don’t believe in that.

You like someone because you feel comfortable dealing with him/her. You feel happy sharing stories with him/her. You understand each other and that makes you like his/her companion.

And what is love?

Yet to find my own definition.

Mixture of that 3 terms is confusing many human being.

Including myself.


When nothing happens you just let these stuffs be some little element that colour up your life. Miss someone occasionally. Giggle at some insignificant things. Lie on the bed and start to incorporate those scenes in fairy tales in your imagination.

Until one day, you realize it is just your dream after all. You don’t even have the courage to turn your dream into reality.

And then you feel like the silliest person in the whole world.



But fear not. For i always believe that life is fated. If someone is fated to be yours, he/she will be yours. Is just the matter of time.

Maybe someone that you consider yourself as “crushing on” now is not even the right person, anyway.

So… let go or keep dreaming?


*Holy crap. When you have too much time to be spend, and you don’t know how to spend them, you will spend those time day-dreaming, thinking, pondering, contemplating and eventually, emo-ing. LOL.