Blessings from the pink envelopes.

Before i go into the real topic..

See these photos?

They are taken with my phone.

And how they appear in my blog?

I didn’t MMS them to my e-mail this time. I BLUETOOTH-ED them.

Which means……






Fine. I know no one is interested with that. I’m the only one who is syiok sendiri and got oh-so-excited over it. Blehhh. You will only feel so when that laptop is yours. XD

Back to topic:


Discovered this bunch of pink colour objects in my bookshelf while i was tidying up my place. I keep ancient stuffs, and these are some of them. Keeping ancient stuffs is not a bad thing, afterall. It means i APPRECIATE and TREASURE things that others gave to me.

If anyone who is reading this and used to receive CNY greeting cards from me AND have send them to the lorry uncle together with old-newspapers…. I’M GOING TO SLAP YOU NOW!

Giving CNY greeting cards to each other used to be a trend or a tradition among us. It started in primary school, yet the tradition has slowly been left behind as we grown up and becoming an individual with a more hectic life. And then, thanks to technology, human start to send CNY greetings through e-card. Or just a simple Facebook comment.

A tradition at the brink of extinction as our society is transforming to a more modern one?

Mom insists to send out these greeting cards. She thinks using e-card is not sincere enough. Kinda true in some way. Perhaps after you read that particular e-card or e-mail, it would be deleted or be left to collect some imaginary dust in your e-mail inbox.

And collecting visible dust is better than collecting imaginary dust. LOL.

I could not deny i’m one of the lazy human that has no initiative to pick up a pen, write some typical four-characters greeting lines, put inside the baby pink envelop, get the address book and copy and address, and then drove all the way to the post box to throw ‘em inside. I’m just too lazy to do so.

Nevertheless, i also could not deny that getting these greeting cards can really brighten my day a little. I can still feel the warmth when i was reading some of the greeting cards (+ letters from my cousin, Chooi Ling and pet sis, Ai Wen). It is just different from getting a greeting e-mail with animation, you know?

Besides, looking back at these greeting cards can be funny.


Tada! See how Peh Ge wrote my name last time! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! *PehGe please don’t smack me when we return to college. LOL.*


KK gang RECOGNISE YOUR OWN CHINESE NEW YEAR CARD! I will belanja thosai if you can do so. No cheating!

And the answer is……






.Ting016 named

Deng Deng Deng Deng!

Of course, these are just some of the cards they gave to me. There are 3 or 4 from the same person to be exact. Solid prove that we have grown up together!


I forgot in which year that we actually have the trend to make this type of greeting cards. Form 1? My poor memories.

So, ahem, if you feel like sending a Chinese New Year card to me this year, you can always google the address of Kedah Matriculation College. Remember to write my room number C1 T1 27. =DD

KIDDING ok.. I’m lazy enough to walk all the way to Mini Pos to pick it up. Bwahaha! *tak tau malu*

Ok. Enough of the nostalgia. Back to English report. Huhu.