When you are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. 18!

I guess i am the youngest Chinese girl in Kedah Matriculation College, afterall. On 24th Dec, my LOVELY sisters and mommy decided to celebrate the birthdays of Fiona (the 20th-Dec-girl) and mine together. And they are so LOVELY, they actually played a prank on us. O___O Credits to their ability to stand the heat of hiding in the wardrobe, and the superb acting skills of people like EJ and Xuan Lin. LOL lah. Speechless weih.

It was even more dramatic on me. Initially they planned to do the celebration in the cafe. When Xuan Lin forward a sms to Ying Sze to inform her about it, She was so blur that she actually showed me the message. LOL! I thought, oh nevermind, the celebration can still be on. Later they told me it was cancelled as some of my sis were not around and i was busy with my poster to be submitted. And i thought, oh nevermind again, i’m just going to complete my work. AND later, EJ phoned me, saying the party was cancelled because Adeline was crying for some matter *ahem!*. As we rushed to EJ’s room to check out on Ade, no one was in the room except for EJ’s roommate. Ok…this IS weird. We continued to discuss why Ade will cry for that matter before 4 monsters suddenly pop out from 2 wardrobes, with a big chocolate cake in Daphenie’s hands. O___________O And that, made me froze at the door. LOL!

That’s what you get for your birthday when you get creative people as your sis and mommy!


Our birthday cake! The same super-yummy-thick-chocolate-cake as Ade’s birthday. More pimples to grow on your face, Yi Ting. Another extra inch of adipose tissue, Yi Ting. But who cares for this moment. XD


Fiona and me with our birthday cake and presents! Bear bear! Thanks sis~


Semi-group pic. =)


I can’t belief this: This is my FIRST big teddy bear after 18 years. LOL! I’m not that type of girl with big dolls all over my bed side. Ha ha! But this bear is so cuteeee! It even have a butterfly on its body.. aww~

Introduce to you: Mika the bear!

I wonder how am i suppose to bring Mika back to KL?

Ting008 And this is Mika’s friend: a black doggie called O-O (because it is black. O = black in Hokkien. LOL!) Present from dai kah jie: Patricia! Thaaaaaanks a bunch!

*OMG i began to sound like Rainie Yang in Miss No Good: Giving names to her belongings! > < !! *


Prezzie from Peh Ge: a very cute pair of pink earrings! Love it really much~ She even wrote a very warm letter for me, depicting our stories along this 9 years of acquaintance. That’s so sweet of her~ Ah Peh i love you!

Ting001 DSC00832

X’mas presents! The purple bear from Fiona and the kawaii green..(pea? radish?) from Adeline. We did have this X’mas celebration after the birthday celebration and guess what we have done? Well, when you have whole BUNCH of girls and 5 (F.I.V.E.) laptops in a room, there will only be 2 possible events: facebook/youtube/online OR gossip. And apparently, they chose the former one, because no one wants to initiate the gossiping part (phrasing it differently, no one wants to EXPOSE their own secret  first. XD). And that is obviously NOT my fault as i got NOTHING to start with! I’m a good girl with zero-rumour in KMK. Yay and peace!

Nevertheless, we still end up gossiping after some time. Thus, 2-hours-nap in exchange with Gossip/Slumber Night in EJ’s room! I couldn’t believe i actually slept at 4am. O_O Lana didn’t even sleep for the whole night but staying up in front of the laptop. O_________O And we have 9 girls (including EJ’s only roommate, Rai) squeezing in one room! Ting015

Handphone charm from Hui Yi as my b’day present. Oh, that comes with 3 red apples and 3 green apples in a package. LOL. Because when i want to pay for the apples i told her to buy for me, she just refuse, refuse, refuse. OK lo, thanks lo. =) 


Suddenly realised i still keeping some of my birthday presents with me. I think all of these are presents on my 16th birthday in Form 4. Sheen Yeen’s sotong, the perfect handphone holder that I'm not ashamed to bring it to Ogawa office when i worked there (lol), Woodoo doll from Shaunie and the others (which is very tahan lasak. You know, things can hardly stay perfectly unhurt with YiTing for more than a year. LOL), and the cow from Shen Loong (that used to be kidnapped by EJ the siao poh.)

A BIG BIG BIG thanks for everyone who wished me through phone/ Facebook/ face-to-face. Unexpected wishes from some people, though. Some wishes made me smiled (or even LAUGHED). Wishes from old friends warmed my heart. Which made me miss them even more. I even got birthday sms from my dad and mom. Oh kay… i’m pretty sure my mom didn’t type the sms as she never use that feature in handphone. It must be her asking one of the 2 monkeys in my home to text me. If any of both of them actually have the initiative to text and wish me without being asked, i think i’ll drop from my chair now. Brothers, who don’t understand them after so many years. LOL! *I know, i know, i’m so bad that i criticize my own younger brothers but that’s how we communicate. LOL!*

To neutralise the sadness for having classes on my birthday for the first time in my life (gah.), i have been stuffing all my favorite foods here into my mouth IN ONE DAY. The fried sardin bread in cafe C, TROPHY chocolate ice-cream (!!!), fried sotong balls, HL chocolate milk, and NESVITA (fine. This doesn’t count. I eat that almost everyday.). Today, i had strike…….about 1800 calories!!! That is like TWICE of my ideal daily calorie intake (which, actually, i ALWAYS exceed. XD).  I mean, if EVERYDAY is my birthday, i would have die of obesity. Gah.

Feel like slacking for whole day but i just CAN’T afford to do so. Gotta prepare for tomorrow’s bio quiz. *sobs* When my phone beeped, i was expecting another birthday wish *being perasan*, but instead, it was a sms from my Bio tutor saying there is a quiz TODAY. I nearly got heart attack, ok. Luckily the class managed to change his mind to delay it. Gah!!

I know i’m very perasan for i purposely silent my phone on the night of 27th Dec as i know the phone will be VERY VERY noisy once it struck 12. And i went to bed at 10.30pm, thanks to maths. LOL. Hit me and tell me to “WAKE UP LA DONT BE SO PERASAN” if you want. I don’t mind. XD

Happy 28th Dec to myself, Seh Sen, Christine, and Zi Theng in KMK. Oh, i never knew so many people got the same birthday as me! Happy Sitting for UPS for all KMK-ians (T.T). Happy New Year to all the inhabitants on Earth!